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Alcohol + Morning Wood

Ok so I am past the age (24) where I get morning wood on a consistent basis. However lately after a night of drinking - I wake up with a tent pole that only the mightiest of storms would be able to topple…right so moving on…

Why does this happen if alcohol is such a T depressant?

Because you probably have to piss like a race horse (assuming you drank a lot…and/or added lots of water at the end to prevent dehydration) so that’s your body’s way of making sure you don’t wake up in a puddle. : )

Alcohol reduces blood flow, even though it causes vasodilatation(vessel widening).
As such, you can have a great amount of blood in an organ(like an erection), but not be able to get it out(like a stuck erection).
Don’t take this as a good reason to drink alcohol, cause for the very same reason the blood might not be able to get into your penis.

Alcohol thins your blood and INCREASES flow throughout the body, even to the nether region. In fact, I believe this is the theory behind Viagra - increased blood flow for easier erections. Or maybe you’ve been having dirty dreams but don’t remember them because you were shit faced.

Alcohol suppresses testosterone levels. Therefore in an effort to maintain homeostasis (a constant internal environment in your body) your body produces large quantities of another hormone (sorry i forgot the name). This hormone leads to the production of more testosterone under normal circumstances but the alcohol prevents this from happening so levels of this hormone remain high until the alcohol is out of your system and T levels can return to normal. This hormone has another effect that includes making you dam horny…

hope this helps

Tommy, you’re thinking of LH (Leutenizing Hormone spelling?)

yeah tommys right, moreover leutenizing hormone is more responsible for horniness (read; beer goggles) than T. also in the morning as alcohol leaves your system your t levels are probably starting to skyrocket due to constant pressure from said leutenizing hormone, thus your getting higher than normal levels of both hormones