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Alcohol - minimizing the destruction

allright, i realize this has been asked before and i did do searches on both the forum and website, but i still want to bring it up again to try to gain some more info. here is what i have gathered are the important negative effects of alcohol. please feel free to add or correct anything. A) alcohol lowers testosterone. B) alcohol causes dehydration. C) alcohol slows down your metabolism. D) alcohol creates more free radicals in your body. E) Calories. Now, i would first like to mention that i am not a big drinker or anything but i have found myself consisstently drinking about 2-3 nights a month (i cant help it, im in college). when i say drinking, i dont mean getting completely wasted, i just mean enough to get a pretty good buzz going , which for me is pretty much always less than 4 drinks since i do not drink a lot. so what i have tried to do is put together a strategy to minimize the destruction on the occasions i do drink. here are the possibilities i came up with: A) take 1 dose of 4 ad-ec morning before, night of, and morning after to keep T up. also take tribex/m combo morning after and tribex night after to help boost nat t production again. B) before going to bed on night of drinking have a scoop or 2 of low carb grow with lots of water. also drink lots of water in morning when you wake up. C) take full dosage of T-2 thoroghout next day and do some cardio next day. D) take extra vitamin E and C night before and morning after drinking. E) cut calories a little bit for last few meals of the day but keep protein up. now i realize that some of that stuff may not be necessary so that is why i wanted to get some more educated opinions. i know some people will probably redicule me for being so anal and others for giving in to the college life and living once in a while. either way though, i hope that a few t-men, especially the ones in college, might find this usefull. if anyone has any different suggestions i would love to hear them personally, i think that the tribex/m might not be necessary and the extra cardio the next day could possibly be cut out considering some diet adjustments were made the day before to make up for calories. that would keep the whole thing pretty reasonable i think. my next question about the subject is what to drink. obviously beer and pretty much all other drinks are high gi carbs, so some suggestions i saw in related posts were to drink wine since most of the sugars turn to fructose which is lower gi, or some kind of liquor with a rediculously high proof. considering the other steps i mentioned earlier in the post were taken i dont really think what you drink would really matter though would it? thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestions.

Dang, you have it planned out pretty well. I say definitely stay away from beers, particularly thick beers like Guiness. Have your whiskey (Jack for me!) on the rocks or with soda. Schnapps will have sugar, and a lot of mixers have sugar too. I bet you look much better than 95% of the guys on your campus anyway, so live a little, keep it under control, and work it off like you have planned.

Now if Biotest would come out with that anabolic beer…

This is easy. I’d like to see you up your volume a bit from 3x per month to 3 times per week. You are in college. Don’t skimp.

College is a time for you to define how hard you work and how hard you play. I see no reason not to enjoy both.

I know nothing of the supplements. Ask Tampa or SRS.


I wouldn’t take any of the prohormones w/ alcohol, probably would be hard on the liver. Stick w/ tribex and M. Cuttin the cals a little toward the end of the day will probably help, with protein high. Drink vodka, like i mentioned in another thread, its lowest in cals w/ 60 per shot. So on a drinkin night, you have four shots of vodka, either straight or mixed w/ maybe diet coke, and its only 240 cals which is absolutley nothing.

Im in college also. I look for this information frequently. I drink about 2x’s a month. And i have a ton of vitmin c before during and after, tons of water, continue to eat every 2 hours, usually high in efa’s. I dont do anything for the test problem though. I have some tribulus if that will do anything? I usually drink beer, thats what is offered. Is liquor better? In a sense of less damage. Also i throw in an extra cardio workout the next day.

For those who wish to to minimize the damage that results from drinking alcohol, I’ve copied parts of the protocol from the Life Extension Foundation.

"The consumption of alcohol results in the formation of two very toxic compounds that generate massive free radical damage to cells throughout the body. If the proper combination of antioxidants is taken at the time the alcohol is consumed (or before the inebriated individual goes to bed), the hangover and much of the cellular damage caused by alcohol may be prevented.

"Nutrients that neutralize alcohol by-products and protect cells against the damaging effects of alcohol include vitamin C, vitamin B1, the amino acids cysteine and glutathione, vitamin E, and selenium. There are several commercial preparations that can be taken at the time the alcohol is consumed or before bedtime to help prevent a hangover. One of these is called Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants. Six capsules of this formula contain the proper amounts of antioxidant nutrients to help prevent a hangover.

"Another product drinkers use is Kyolic Garlic Formula 105. Garlic contains S-allyl-cysteine; this particular Kyolic-brand formula also contains vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, and selenium. Since the heavy consumption of alcohol produces many deleterious effects within the body, including an increased risk of cancer, liver disease, and neurological disease, it is suggested that hangover-prevention formulas such as Kyolic Garlic Formula 105 and/or Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants be taken any time alcohol is consumed.

"Free radical damage is a major mechanism by which ethanol damages the liver. Supplementing with the right antioxidants while consuming ethanol significantly reduces damage to cells throughout the body, including damage to the liver. Ethanol also damages the liver by depressing an enzyme required to convert methionine into S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe). A deficiency of SAMe can predispose an alcoholic to develop liver cirrhosis. An alcohol-induced depletion of SAMe can be overcome by SAMe supplementation, which restores hepatic SAMe levels and significantly attenuates parameters of ethanol-induced liver injury.

"Supplementation with 400 to 800 mg of SAMe twice a day may help to reverse alcoholic cirrhosis. For those who cannot afford SAMe, supplementation with 500 mg of TMG, 800 mcg of folic acid, and 500 mcg of vitamin B12, twice a day could help the liver to synthesize SAMe. Phosphatidylcholine supplementation, at a dose of 2000 mg a day, may protect against alcohol-induced septal fibrosis, cirrhosis, and lipid peroxidation.

"Chronic alcohol consumption can constrict arteries in the brain and lead to neurological deficit. Supplementation with 500 mg to 1500 mg a day of magnesium could help keep cerebral blood vessels open by blocking excess infiltration of calcium into endothelial cells.

“Those who drink routinely might consider taking 500 mg a day of milk thistle extract (silymarin), which may have a protective effect upon the liver. Alcohol depletes many vitamins and minerals from the body, so taking high-potency vitamin-mineral supplements throughout the day is very important.”

So who would like to join me in a drink? (grin)

that is a good point about both the prohormone and alcohol at the same time to be hard on the liver. i had never thouhgt of that. from what i understand tribex would not help at all though around the time of drinking because tribex works by increasing LH and not T. when you are drinking your body allready has a higher LH level because it wants to bring your T levels back up, but the alcohol destroys the production of T at the nuts, so even though LH is high your nuts still aren’t making T…its so tragic. haha anyways, if anyone else has any more info on how bad it would be on the liver to take 4 ad-ec before drinking please let me know so i can determine whether or not it will be worth it.

Ok, this one may sound kinda crazy but here goes… If you have a cheat meal, have it with your alcohol. You mise well drink and eat at the same time and not worry about the calories. This has more reason than just making it part of your cheat day/meal. Food with alcohol can help counter the reduction in test and buffer a potention insulin reaction… get it? In fact if you don’t drink too much it can actually provide you with great recovery sleep. Along with the food this spells potential higher HGH release. The only supplement I’d take would be tribex the next day if your really that worried about it. If you really keep down to 3-4 drinks 3-4 times a month you will do just fine following what I suggest. Of course, if you strive for the ultimate goal of a perfect body then you have only one choice: drop alcohol, and just about every other drug for that matter. Drink another 3rd more water the next day as well.

Good God man, your using a sledge hammer to kill a gnat. If all you drink is 3-4 drinks a few times a month you are practically a teetotaler in my book. Sleep in and find a breakfast buffet when you get up and you’ll be fine.

nice info on everything guys, but anybody wanna help w/ the 4AD thought? killing my T is why I stopped drinking. And going to a major drinking university, it sux major goat. Nice thought process Nic, i am gonna print this out for later use. PEACE and hair grease!

allright, i emailed the man himself, JB , to get his opinion on whether or not it would be too hard on the liver to consume alcohol while on 4-ad and his reply was , “You probably dont need to be concerned. I’ll bet the alcohol does far more than the 4AD would in terms of liver stress.” so it seems like a prohormone would be suitable to solve the T problems associated with drinking. now , concerning the liver, that is definately some good info that tampa-terry posted, but since i am only going to be drinking moderately a couple times a month anyway, and becasue i allready have vitamin e & c on hand, i dont think a full alcohol antioxidant blend is neccessary for me, but if i ever start drinking more frequently i will definately consider giving that stuff a try.

Outstanding Nic. Thanks.

I have to agree with Tinman on this one. Very well said and to-the-point.

Your testsoterone is already shot brother, anyone who whines about this kind of shit must be a friggin pussy.
As for not drinking Guiness, Stank, you should be shot. how could you say such things!!! “Guiness for strength” it what the beer mat says!!!
Seriously tho, 2-3 drops in testosterone a month, i think you are probaby making a mountain out of a mole-hill especially since you are only drinking 4 drinks per night, c’mon. if you are more worried about the calories go for the high proof stuff like green label Chartruese (spelling?) or ron rico 151. If that is still too much, drop some E, its got a nice thermic effect, effectivley negative calories.
I would tend to have high doses of water soluble vitamins (B+C) and antioxidents pre boozing it up and before coma-ing out. but for 12 beers a month… god you americans are pussies

damn…drinkning and cheating in the same night? Ive decided to go with this system. A total of 3x’s drinkning and cheating. So 2-nights drinking 1 cheatmeal or vice versa. I’m going to just start drinkning straight alcohol though to minimize damage.

Whetu- eat it, bitch.
It is the near 20% drop in T for the first beer, and the increase w/ each drink after that that sucks. and the fact that it lasts for a long time, more than a day if i remember correctly. So, 2-3 2day drops is 6 days out of the month. that is one week out of 4. a quarter of your time being spent in with low T. with all the other anal things you do, why not be anal about your damn T levels?
God you foreigners are pricks.

I remember reading somewhere (sorry, can’t confirm with a source) that alcohol also inhibits protein synthesis for a significant period of time (something like 24 hours). Anyone have anymore info on this?

On a related note, this has become my response when someone asks me why I'm not drinking at a social gathering: "Are you fucking kidding me? Do you realize that alcohol HALTS protein synthesis for up to 24 hours?!" Quickest way to alienate yourself at a party ever! At least I get a kick out of it :)