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Alcohol Keep You Slim


Apparently, a new study shows that light/moderate drinking can help to prevent obesity.

It's unclear to me that other factors aren't at work (such as people who drink one glass of wine a day may also be more likely to eat well and exercise?), but the study shows a correlation between light drinking and fitness.

More details here:



This is funny, I had coppied and was getting ready to paste this same article. I believe this applied to individuals who drank 1 or 2 drinks per sitting and no more than 5 drinks per week. My thoughts on the correlation are along the same lines as the thread poster. My first thought was that moderate drinkers may use it as a "social" practice, and people who are activiely social normally take better care of themselves and are more concerned with physical appearance. Any other thoughts?


I agree that it is probably a function of lifestyle, but just to throw another line of thought out, perhaps it is related to lowering of stress levels and regulation of the hypothalamus?


I would agree that it's a lifestyle thing - - people go out, want to look good, want to relax, so they'll have a drink or two. It makes sense to me.

Many nights I'll go out and not want to drink because of the great workout I'd had that day, I don't want to hinder growth in any way! lol


My cousin drinks big, last week he drank over 2 litres of german beer in one night, plus he lifts weights and runs a lot, everytime i see him he gets skinnier and lankier, hes 6'2 he actually looks unhealthy now. I keep telling him to eat more, but he tells me i dont want to get big lol.


I'm irish.I just don't drink "light".Lmao.