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Alcohol - How Much?


On a scale from one to ten, how bad is alcohol for a persons body composition.

If you were to include alcohol in your life as a bodybuilder, how would you go about setting how often and how much you could drink?


HAHAHAHAHAHA, asking that question on this site is like asking the same thing to strict Baptists. You are not going to get the answer you want to hear. Alcohol lowers testosterone, which is an important hormone for building muscle, not to mention it brings protein synthesis to a halt.

My advice to you, this coming from a beer lover, is this....Choose one to be dedicated to. If you want to drink, then drink, don't look for permission to drink through forums. Just remember not to bitch when you are unhappy with the muscular gains you are making. Finally, I don't think you can put a number on how many drinks you can have over a certain amount of time before it effects your gains.


I rarely if ever drink. The only times maybe at family get togethers like Thanksgiving, Christmas or new years. Usually it's in a big social situation. I just don't go out and say I will drink just for the sake of drinking.

So all in all "maybe" a couple times a year. Usually I don't even drink a lot. I make one rule though it's has to be striaght liquor. Patron on rocks or some real good tequila is my poison of choice. I make sure to load up on lots of good fats and protein to around the drinking. Seems to help some. Yet you can't deny the rule everything in moderation especially when it comes to alcohol.

I'm usually feeling good as hell after a couple shots. My tolerance is very low especially since I stopped partying like I used to back in the day.


here's a question

do you already LOOK like a bodybuilder?

i'd focus on that first.


after you win the olympia.


I think I'm retarded for posting this here since its one of those questions I already know the answer to.
Your responses were dead on with "what I wanted to hear". I wansn't looking for justification to keep drinking in my diet, but for reassurance that sobriety is the best way to go for overall health and the only pathway to looking like a bodybuilder.