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Alcohol damage kit


I am a senior in college and I realise that alcohol is counterproductive but like I said this is my last year of school and getting drunk with the boys is something I truly enjoy and I like to find a balance in life between training and my other "habits". My question is what my best bets are during some of my less then productive binges. I take vitex in the mornings and my diet is 100% on point otherwise. My only other suplementaion currently is post workout and ZMA. After a hard night of drinking should I take my ZMA or would I be better off having my normal pre-bed casien shake and hitting the sack? Also are there any other recomendations for combating any negative effects from my guilty pleasures? Like I said this is something I truly enjoy and want to do my best to find a balance. Any recomendations are greatly appreciated but please remember that I dont want to cut away from what I have good deal of fun doing. Due to my meticulous diet I am in the low single digets BF wise but would like to continue to progress. Please offer up ay tips you have (I will be glad to offer up any other info that may be of help regarding my current practices to assist you in my quest for overall balace) Thank you and I look forward to all legite responses. But please remember that I truly enjoy the drinking and socializing aspects of my current lifestyle and though my progress may be greatly slowed by it I am asking for tips that may help me advance.


Dude, if you really enjoy drinking, then do the best you can with your diet, sleep, and workouts otherwise and don't worry about it. You have your whole life to build your body. Just enjoy yourself and don't beat yourself up over it.


=w=...alcohol robs your body of all the little things that add up to big things. I drink about once a month(used to drink four- five night a week in college) and before I do I take twice my normal doses of every vitamin and omega 3 that I have then I take it all again before I go to bed. This always makes a difference, so much so that I don't even like to drink unless I have had time double up on my vites and omega 3s. However you must always drink water TIT for TAT with any alcohol you are consumming. 12 ounces of h2o for every one ounce of hard liquor or beer. The liqour will keep your courage up and the h2o will make sure your body isn't pissed off in the morning.


Absolutey. DRINK A BEER! You want to know a great cure for a hangover? Pedialyte. Works like a charm!


Suicide is, of course, an option -- perhaps the best one you have available to you.


zma is pointless after a nite of drinking (works w/ natural production, and that's what you are inhibiting). Androsol on the other hand may help, steve berardi mentioned it a while ago.


zev is correct! but also let me add a couple of things (which I am sure you know) always drink mad quantities of water the day after, try to arange your workouts so you don't go to the gym the day after you party, keep everything in perspective. if you like to party in school fine have a blast and don't worry to much about your workouts, keeo working out and all but realy if you party a little more than you should take a couple of days off after and recoup and DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. do you realy think you will look any different at say 30 if you partied less in college? do you realy think you will live any longer if you partied a little less in college? of course not. you don't need me telling you not to go overboard or anything cause if you are posting the question I am sure you'll keep everything in its place. hell I doubt in 10 years you are gonna say "gee I wish I had made it to the gym 20 more times in college" but you may say "gee I wish I had enjoyed college more and had more time being a kid" have fun LIFE IS short! peace


Its people that dont eat properly, dont sleep, drink frequently and are only the in the gym for one half-assed workout week who then complain that they dont make progress that annoy me. You on the otherhand are conscious about what you are doing, and that gains wont come as quickly. Although I wouldnt do it, you have made a conscious realistic decision about prioritising things, and are aware of the consequences, the fact that you realise you arent giving 100% in exchange for some other pleasures deserves some respect. Not everyone is as honest with themselves.

Anyway, my tips -

Drink plenty of water after a drinking session before bed. Alcohol is a diuretic and you will loose hydration, which is important for functional muscle cells.

Take a strong multi-vitamin. Alcohol also drains you of micronutrients.

I also think it would be better for net recovery, to workout after drinking (ie. next day), as opposed to before it. Doing a hardcore leg workout, followed by drinking till 5am is gonna be a waste of your time and effort in the gym as you will be sleep deprived + suffer from the alcohol - not very conducive to recovery and building muscle.

eat well. rest as much as possible.

Thats about all you can do...



Well, it may not be an optimal lifestyle for muscle growth but if it allows you to eliminate stress and "feel better" then go for it. The most progress and best shape I've been in have been when I was in the bar scene. That would be college and right now(post divorce). The five years I was with my ex wife (and didn't drink) I was probably in the worst shape of my adult life(250 lbs, 18% BF). Six months after my divorce I'm now at 235 lbs and 12% BF so maybe stress is a bigger factor than the drinking:).


Also, cut down on the nites you drink, and instead have a session.


Thanks for the responses fellas. I was a little nervous to post this fearing I would recieve all responses like mike the libertarians which is 100% unhelpful. I am glad to see that everyone was willing to help me tailor make my program to my lifestyle and practices. Thanks again and I appreciate any more tips you have.


The most important thing you can do is drink copious amounts of water before, during, and after your drinking binge. The really bad thing about alcohol is the dehydration it induces. Just about all the after-effects of a drinking binge are due to the dehydrating effect. The headache and hangover comes from your brain being dehydrated. If you're looking for supplements pre and post drinking one that shows some promise is MSM.


Cool that everybody gave advice instead of preaching. Mike was being funny, dude. I echo the fact that the realities of life for most people your age include drinking and that you sound like otherwise you're doing good things to work yourself into your best shape. Enjoy college now and become perfect afterwards LOL.


You need the B vitamins my friend. ALOT of them! Take 2 tbls. of brewers yeast w/milk before going out & the next morning. Also, here's a secret, take some charcoal capsules before you get wasted. You can get these at your local health food store.


Take 600 mg of Milk Thistle. It helps to activate and clear the liver out. It may help with recovery. You can get it at any health food store. Oh yeah....don't drive.


Rudy, you mention brewer's yeast. I'm also in school and the dining hall has "nutritional yeast" readily available for us to eat/take. Does that work the same, or would I just be eating it for no reason? Thanks!


Here's part of an article from New Scientist.

Antioxidants such as Vitamin E can prevent alcohol-related brain damage

A dose of vitamin E can reduce the number of brain cells killed by binge drinking, say scientists in the US.

Hampson, with Robert Eskay and Carol Hamelink, at the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, Maryland, wanted to know if taking antioxidants alongside large quantities of alcohol could protect the brain. They knew that the potent antioxidant cannabidiol can reduce neurotoxicity after strokes. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive, natural component of marijuana.

The researchers gave 12 male rats either a balanced liquid diet, or the same diet spiked with alcohol every eight hours for four days. Some of the animals also received cannabidiol.

The researchers found that cell death was significantly reduced in the treated rats. They repeated the experiment using vitamin E and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), a food preservative. Both these antioxidants also protected the brain to a similar degree.

The amount of vitamin E needed to reduce brain cell loss in rats was 40 to 80 milligrams per kilogram, roughly equivalent to 2500 to 5000 mg for humans. It is known that weekend alcoholics have low antioxidant levels, and this study confirms that it is not just a consequence of bad diet


I have heard of all of these cept charcoal. Any idea what the mechanism of it is in helping??????
Jo Mama


Drink beer instead of the hard stuff. Anyone ever play the drinking game 101 I have fond yet fuzzy memories of it. outlaw.


Not sure bro. Ask the people there if you can see the can or package that it comes in. It wouldn't hurt to take it. Your payin' for it. It most likely has a bunch of vitamins in it. Investagate a little further though.