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alcohol damage control

alot of people here are casual/big time drinkers. but we still want to look good NEKID.

so, if you can all share whats good to eat before/after/while drinking, supps, water intake etc, to minimize related catabolism and lypogenesis. (muscle breakdown and fat gain)



don’t drink.

having an occasional beer or a drink isn’t going to kill you, drinking to excess is the worst thing you can do.

I agree with you. I am sure you may get flamed, but we are not all perfect diet angels. An occassional adult beverage is a guilty pleasure. What I do is drink Miller Lite (3.4g of carbs) and just protein for eating while drinking. I would assume it would be similar to a P+F instead of a P+C since alcohol calories are nasty like fat calories. I am not saying they are the same so don’t flame me either. It could also be part of a cheat session?

B vitamins are needed for carb digestion and lack of them can leave you feeling pretty nasty after drinking. (so can cheap alcohol, if you drink hard stuff, go for top shelf, it’s distilled more times and is really cleaner) i would say a B multivitamin could be beneficial in this situation due to the high carbs. B’s are water soluble, so might need to take them a couple times before/during the night and after, just be careful not to take TOO much.

Binge drinking is the worst way to drink alcohol. Causes the worst side affects and damage to the body.

Great subject!

Being a 23-year old student I know its hard to combine the BB-lifestyle with weekly parties.

What I personally do is:

  • eat a bit less earlier on my drinking day
  • drink strong liquor, mixed with diet-sodas (less calories)
  • stay totally off the snacks (unless when Im bulking, then I MIGHT have a hamburger on my way home)
  • drink a lot of water all night
  • have a shake before going to bed

I know that fat-burning is totally cut off when intoxicated, and that alcohol messes with T-levels.

Seconding what Seminolechick said.

  • Before drinking, take a B complex.
  • After drinking, take a B complex.
  • Before bed, ZMA and Melatonin. I say this because sleeping with alcohol in the system is much less productive. You don’t get much of a deep sleep at all. Taking ZMA and Melatonin before bed will have you feeling much better than normal in the morning after drinking.
  • Upon rising, another B complex. Some people might not agree with this, but I’ve found EC to extremely useful as well.

If you really want to minimize the damage. Drink while on Hot-Rox, you’ll only need half the amount of alcohol. Less Alcohol = Less Damage

Beltar: “Nasty like fat calories”? What is this, 1992? :slight_smile:

Anyway, alcohol is actually a sugar, nothing like a fat. There’s a few alcohol sugars, just like normal sugars: sorbitol/glucitol, and mannitol (and some other one that starts with x). These correspond to fructose and glucose etc. although to be honest I don’t know which ones are heavily present in most drinks. Most of the alcohol sugars are converted into fructose in the liver, so drinking would be most like ingesting a ridiculous amount of fructose in a night. JB must not drink that much. :slight_smile:

So, for damage control I try to limit my fat intake (heh, massive eating compliant drinking binges), and eat some healthy fibrous carbs before bed with a BIG badass protein shake. Oh, and rehydrate like crazy.

Works for me, I rarely get hung over.

Here is information I had from http://wilstar.com/lowcarb/alcohol.htm:

When alcohol is consumed, it passes from the stomach and intestines into the blood, a process referred to as absorption. Alcohol is then metabolized by enzymes, which are body chemicals that break down other chemicals. In the liver, an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) mediates the conversion of alcohol to acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is rapidly converted to acetate by other enzymes and is eventually converted to ketone bodies. These may be metabolized for energy or converted to fat for storage in the body.

Has anyone used those pills GNC advertises called “chasers”? I have not made it to the store to see what are in them.

I heard drinking depletes nearly all of your B vitamins, so I agree that taking a B Complex before & after drinking could be helpful.

Beltar: odd, that’s completely different from what I’ve read/learned. Perhaps alcohol itself is metabolized differently than alcohol sugars (ie the two are different substances that simply accompany each other).

Although I am a bit suspicious of that info since it came from a low-carb website and mentions alcohol being converted into ketones. Sounds a bit like someone trying to rationalize alcohol as okay for keto diets (which it is quite obviously not). Regardless of how alcohol itself is metabolized, the crazy amount of alcohol sugars that accompany it certainly aren’t keto-friendly (those calories have to come from somewhere; guess where?)

I’d research more, but it’s a nice day and I’m lazy. Whatever. :slight_smile:

The alcohol in “alcohol” is ethanol not sugar alcohols. 7 cals per gram.
if you are drinking, just have a good time dont try to count cals or you’ll go mental.
If you are a restrictive diet dont drink, its that simple.
Fuck, talk about stressing the little things

I would say that if this is a huge concern, then don’t drink.

I don’t worry about it. Or bother to worry about it. I like my beer. So I’ll keep on drinking my beer; mind you, it’s BEER. Not that “low carb” crap.

And yes, I STILL look good nekkid.

I’ve had pedialyte the morning after. It really helps replenish electrolytes. Also, before drinking, I tend to take a multi vit/min, just in case. Also, don’t drink on an empty stomach, duh.

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Thank you Patricia!

Whetu: Use your imagination. :-))

Sully: a tip of my beer to ya. I can’t believe I mentioned “beer” before you in a thread about alcohol. You’re getting slow in your old age. hehehe

Nah, I saw the thread earlier, but didn’t post cause I would have written something nasty.

Poliquin recommends an anti-oxidant (vitamin C or E fit the bill) when drinking to reduce (not eliminate) the effects of alcohol on your body.

Cy Wilson is of the opinion, however, that antioxidants will have very little, if any, positive effect on your alcohol consumption.

Everything, at least most things, in moderation. Personally if I get so anal about my diret that I can’t enjoy a “good” glass of wine or a real full bodied beer once in a while…what is the point in living. Live is too short to drink cheap beer or cheap wine. Get busy living or get busy dieing. Ride hard, but safe