Alcohol Consumption

Can you give me the low-down on how much/often I can do some mild partying with alcohol and not have to worry about the short or long-term effects? I weigh about 240lbs (age 30) and have been training since 18. Probably about once every 6-8 weeks, I like to have some fun and I usually consume about 6-8oz of 80 proof vodka with some diet coke. This is what it takes to give me a good buzz and feel pretty good. Don’t know if this is “normal” or is due to my higher body weight. Is this consumption too much and too often? Overall I’d say I only drink about 6 times per year at most. Otherwise I drink no alcohol whatsoever and follow the Anabolic Diet by Di Pasquale (which is phenomenal if you get properly adjusted to it as I’ve gained nearly 50lbs in the last 3 years) As an aside, I can really get a good buzz when I’ve had no carbs! Wow! My point is that so many health books only suggest a drink or two of 1.5 oz of spirits per day for a few days weekly to not cause harm. Obviously I’m consuming more but much less often. Your thoughts?

Also, my wife is a serious lifter. She’s a size 7-8 at 6ft and 170lbs. Her muscle density is incredible. How much can she consume before there are adverse effects. She needs about 5-6 oz of vodka to get really randy and then it’s party time. Neither of us want to effect our health or lifting performance. Can anybody out there speak from knowledge on this subject? thanks.

Who cares? Just go party your ass off! Granted you’d feel shitty in the morning but its worth the fun. I don’t drink much these days either but I will party my ass off when I get a chance like when I go to New Orleans or stuff like that.

Hey, there, Disc Hoss.

I enjoy a couple of glasses of wine here and there myself. Life is a balance. And based on our priorities, we try to maximize the good and minimize the bad. But here’s what you need to know re your wife. I’m drawing from one of my favorite resources, the Life Extension Foundation. If you’re inclined to do further research on the topic, just do a search on Google for

alcohol women

“Women are more susceptible to the adverse effects of alcohol than men. Women develop alcoholic hepatitis in a shorter time frame and from smaller amounts of alcohol than men do (Day 2000). The survival rate after 5 years is also lower for women than it is for men (30% compared to 70%). There seems to be no single factor to account for increased susceptibility to alcoholic liver damage in females, but the effect of hormones on the metabolism of alcohol may play an important role (Day 2000; Mihas et al. 2002).”

I guess the take-home on this is that TBW aside, alcohol has a greater effect on women (and does more damage) than men.

If you only drink once every couple of months go ahead and drink as much as you want, just be sure you got a ride home. Then just as long as you are not the kind of guy who gets drunk and decides he needs a “good fight” you will be fine.

Bottom line, you have to live life. As you know firsthand, we work hard on our bodies, living at the gym and keeping a close eye on what we eat. But, this is why we do what we do…so we can enjoy those times when we want to have some vodka here.

I personally can’t go a month without having a few guinnesses to wash down my bar food. Oh, and lately every night usually ends with a long walk and a nice cigar.

I love it when people say they are hardcore fitness gurus or really dedicated to their training program but drink on a regular basis, or go party every weekend. Alcohol has no nutritonal value. Alcohol reduces the body’s ability to convert food to energy and reduces carb and blood sugar levels. Even small amounts of alcohol rob the body of B-vitamins and minerals such as Zinc which are essential for repairing body tissue after hard training. Alcohol also increases the level of latic acid in the body.

So if your into fitness and you drink on a regular basis, you need to ask yourself “How dedicated am I really to my program”?

I agree a few drinks in a month on off days wont be terrible, but very few I see actually do that.

I pride myself Im 28 and never have had alcohol in my enire life, it does nothing for me and my goals.

Big talk 6foot6. Cogratulations on dodging the peer pressure and not drinking – ever.

Be proud of yourself, but at the same time don’t be too harsh to others.

Hanging out with some friends at the bar or on the back porch with a few cold ones is a good thing. It may not provide you with the nutrition you need, but then you are more than what you eat.

As a side note I have stopped drinking because I have some goals meet. But once I tag on those 20lbs I’ll be back at the rail.