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Alcohol Before a Workout


Whenever I get drunk I like to test my strength for one reason...I'M FUCKING STRONGER WHILE INTOXICATED (Squat, bench, pull-ups, overhead press). It's very strange. The only explanation can be that my confidence while drunk leads to mind over matter.

*Note: I have not tried marijuana before a workout but I no longer scoff at someone who may claim the same strength increase.


Sounds like a good idea. Lifting heavy shit while impaired.


Especially over your head. Very smart.


Yes, drunk training is great. I highly recommend it for everyone serious about their training.

It's especially great when you're lifting and the weight just feels so heavy as it crushes your cranium.


I know it's not completely along the same lines as training while intoxicated, but I find myself able to lift, pull and press slightly heavier weights when I'm working out with a boner. Wear loose shorts or sweats and nobody will really notice anyhow.



I find it hard to ummm...keep it hard; especially during deadlifts.


What kind of weight are you moving around... ?


That's a cruel joke to play on the gullible. :slight_smile:


Don't get wobbled out of a heavy lift.
You'll be stunned at how much difference this aspect makes, either adding or subtracting as much as 5-10% to or from your 1RM!


Hmmm. What a fucking novel idea.
Get hammered and lift weights.
I think that's a great idea.
You and your partner can get pissed and then spot each other on max lifts.
Just watch out for those plates slipping from clutsy fingers and crushing toes and shit.
I think heavy squatting would be particularly interesting to watch.
Could you post us a short movie of you squatting while your intoxicated?


Jesus Christ, don't be that guy. Working out with a boner = not even slightly ok. You're worse than the old guy who dries his body under the hand dryer.


i 'work out' with a boner every day :wink:


Working on your jerk and clean huh ?

Some of the guys who post here are the type who know the proper way to do the 'bent over row' too.


I guess you could start with trying to pull street signs out of the sidewalk, this way it wont fall on you when you get a barbell over your head and youre too weak to hold it.


I should point out that when I said 'drunk' I really meant 'slightly drunk'. Furthermore, everybody's state while under the influence is different. Whenever I attempt to lift while under the influence of some alcohol, I am completely aware of everything I'm doing. I would not attempt something that could injure myself.

Lastly, I don't lift very much. This is the workout I did Saturday night after drinking. I DID have a spotter, just in case:

Squat 135*5, 145*5, 185*3, 205*3

(didn't feel like unracking the other plates so I stopped)

Bench 175*8, 135*20

(haven't benched in 3 months. Last time I tried, 135 felt heavy. I do dip BW+85*6 though.)

Overhead press 135*6

(My gym doesn't let me do this exercise. Only seated overhead press which I've done once in the past 3 months)

BW dips BW*10,8

(My triceps were sore from benching)

A while ago I went out, got DRUNK, did 20 pullups like nothing. I've never done over 12 while sober.

Also, the only time I'm able to do Single Leg Squats is intoxicated.

So, there ya go smart guys. Continue with your silly posts and/or mocking.



WOW! You squatted 205 WHOLE POUNDS?! You must be a monster!

You're an idiot. If you were anywhere near me in the gym and I smelled booze on you, I would grab you by your ear and toss you out of the gym.

Forget the fact that you're endangering yourself: lifting weights (I was gonna say heavy weights, but then you posted your numbers) while drunk puts everyone around you in danger.

The number you should be working on improving is IQ.


Sounds like it helps you to get in the zone a bit better than you can un-aided. This isn't too surprising if you are familiar with the effects of small amounts of alcohol- But don't mistake that for an endorsement either.

You should work on reducing inhibition and increasing your arousal, focus and agression levels without the sauce.

Check out Dr. Singers Core Sports Performance c.d.s. It should be in the "Gear" section.


i mean are all of your posts jokes? you really think that drinkin before a workout makes you lift more??? it sounds like you dont even regularly workout when you're sober


This guy is a douche every post he makes is something ignorant that is meant to get a rise out of the guys that post regularly on this site. My advice: IGNORE THE TROLL!


Interesting, I'll look that up. Thanks.