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Alcohol: Any Nutritional Usefulness?

I know we have covered the topic of alcohol and it’s detrimental effect on training. But from a biochemical prospective, does it have any nutritional usefulness? I know it is 7 kcal per gram. I know it does not fit into the CHO, protein, or fat categories. But does it have any positives metabolically or nutritionally, or is it just metabolic poison?

Jayhawk (who has a biochemistry degree and should know the answer already! I must skipped that lecture…)

Alcohol, in small quantities, is quite good for your health.

Amongst the good stuff is beer (the best is the dark kind) and wine (with red being better than white). A glass of whiskey can’t be too bad either once in a while.

Pretty much anything that’s sweet = bad, because it usually has glucose-fructose.