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Alcohol and Winstrol

So I just want to say I am well aware this is bad and a big no no. HOWEVER, something came up and I am going to be drinking tonight after a few weeks of winny at 50mgs per day. How bad is this? What am i in for? Am I going to drop dead. AM I going to be puking all over? Am I going to be hung over as bad as can be tomorrow?

Shoot it straight with me someone.

You will feel roughly the same as you would if you weren’t on winstrol, but your liver will be taxed a lot more. In other words, you’re doing damage, but you probably won’t feel it (unless your drinking is truly dangerous). Probably best to take a few days off of the winstrol after your binge is over, just for the sake of at least pretending like you’re making up for this weekend’s festivities.

got ya… will my tolerance be lower than it used to since im holding a lot less subq water because of the winny?

Liver kinda repairs itself if i give it a break right?

I’ve done it and was fine just don’t drink often.