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Alcohol and Training?


Do you think it affects your training and how much/ often do you drink and how much do you train?

I'm a recovering alcoholic so I don't drink.



Definitely affects training the next day or two anyway. I'm still in college, so I tend to go out and drink once a week, typically a Friday after I've gotten my training for the week in (I just DD other nights or stay in). When I do go out, I drink more than I should lol.


I never drink but I when I went to Cancun last summer I did get a little tipsy almost every night. I still trained each day since they had a decent gym at my hotel but my sessions weren't anything like they usually are. I got the work in, but it was nothing great.


I know if I drink more than a beer or two or a glass of wine or two I'm, or drink to drunkeness I'm worthless in the gym for the next 2-3 days. I just can't recover from binges like I used to.


Depends on how hungover you get. I used to get quite hammered on weekends but would always go to the gym. Drinking and being hungover is no reason to miss a session. I actualy found it was a great way to get through a hangover and had some great sessions. I normally warmed up longer and by the end of the warm up was ready to crush some weights


Another thought- I think drinking has more noticeable effects on power/strength work than it does on isolation work. Back when I was drinking like a mofo, I was able to wake up the next day easily and get through my training without any noticeable decline in performance (most days anyway). These days, I drink way less and I'm on more of a power/strength kick, and my lifts aren't nearly as good for a couple days after the boozing.


Doing a max effort day while hungover is a recipe for disaster in my opinion. I might do some DE work and back off a bit on accessory stuff.


I rarely go max effort, but when I do I definitely don't hate myself enough to try it on a hangover day haha


I guess i have never really done a max effort day (as long as that means working close to your 1RM 90% or abover)


When I used to drink alot I found max strength would not suffer much but the amount of work I could do would. So I could maybe work up to a reasonably heavy triple or double on one thing (not a max but maybe like 85-90% of a PR) but after that I would be totally shot.

I normally just have a drink or 2 to be social. For things like New Year's or Cinco de Mayo I might get tipsy but not that drunk.


Last saturday, I went out at 11PM, and got back and 9AM Sunday morning. In this time frame, I drank 15 whiskeys, which is almost a whole bottle. I woke up on Sunday evening just fine. So, I guess as long as I don't get totally shitfaced I can train the next day. From past experiences, I just have a huge headache during my workout, but the workout alltogether is normal.


Im almost 44 years old and drink ALOT and it doesn't affect my performance. the secret? SATURATED FAT. when you combine sat fat with alcohol it bypasses the liver. Try having your beverage of choice with ribeye steaks or anything cooked in coconut oil, or just take a spoonful of coconut oil.


If I may ask, why do you think the negative effects on training are due to liver stress?


I've always had the uncanny ability to not get hungover... some say it is a gift lol

Training after drinking has never been a problem for me.


Lucky you. I get some of the worst in the world.

What do you drink? I have found the better quality liquor i consume the better my hangover will be.


I drink (light) beer when I'm just hanging out and grilling or whatever. If i'm doing a mixed drink its more than likely Jack n Coke, Makers and Ginger Beer or Jack and Ginger (so delicious) I also am a big fan of Moscow Mule's and Sazerac's if the place knows how to make drinks.

The keys, I think, to not getting hung over are:

Make sure you had a seriously hard workout that day.
Hit up "Fourth Meal" (my personal fave is late night carne asada fries. mmmmmmmm)
Drink a shit load of water before you go to bed. (if you can throw back a few waters throughout the night you'll be less drunk and less hungover)
If you want.... take a couple advil, aleeve, Tylenol etc before bed.


I Wouldn't take Advil - your liver is taxed heavily from drinking, you're only further stressing it by taking Advil while hungover/drunk. I would avoid it

A few things that work for me:

Drink half a bottle of Pepto Bismol 30-60min before you start drinking (Credit goes to DB Cooper for this one, though he recommend a whole bottle)

Drink a fuck load of water during the day before you start drinking. I normally put down a gallon regardless, but if you aren't a heavy water drinker drink up

Eat a shit load of food during the day especially starches

Stick to one type of alcohol. If you do mix follow the old adage - Liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Beer before liquor never been sicker

Eat bread and drink water/gatorade/powerade before going to bed. What I do is put a two bottles of water and a couple slices of bread on my pillow.




This is fucking huge for avoiding hangovers though. Dehydration is probably the biggest factor in why I feel like garbage the next day when I do get hung over.

Just the same, I really only drink when training is optional the next day. Hangovers can be iffy. Some nights I can pound a bottle of whiskey then jump out of bed the next morning shitting thunder and feeling ready to go, other nights a handful of beers will steal half of the next day. I don't think it's worth risking a training session to get tanked.


I try to mix a bit of water in with my drinking, so maybe a few beers/shots and then a water.

Seems to work fairly well. Then the drunken kebab seems to help out too. Getting fluids in before bed is key.

That and I rarely drink much anymore, or to excess anyway. Mates might give me some stick about it, but the next day when I feel fine and they feel like death and my night was as good as theirs was, it only reinforces it.


I love drinking, it's one of my favourite things to do, but I try and limit it now. When I was younger (16/17) I could go out on a Friday night, drink 10 pints of Stella and a few spirits and still feel relatively good in the morning, if I do that now I destroy all of the next day and my sleep would be messed up for the next 3 days.

I have no idea how anyone could train the day after a heavy night of drinking, I would be running to the toilet every two minutes or risk shitting my pants!