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Alcohol and Synovex


i try to make testo propionate with synovex-h, i success, but wonder how to do better.
so then i wonder, why using water for precipitate testosterone and not let alcool evaporate, alcool is very volatile isn’t it?

sorry if it’s a stupid question i’m a newbie in chimie.

i just want to add, i know it’s for separate oestrogene of testo, and water is needed, but i would know if it’s possible WHEN on a last more pass it’s possible to use this procedure for having testo (which is ever without oestrogene) and not having to have to scrub the filter , cause it’s mean it can have filament in the solution after.

i want a more clean procedure for recuperate the testo in the filter, and scrub it it’s not the better, so then if a little alccol can be use for push the testo out of the paper on the other recipient and then just evaporate it could be allright ?