Alcohol and Diet

This question has been stuck in my mind for quite a while…

Lets say one day im supposed to lift and go do sprints. So in the morning I go sprint and at night im supposed to lift. Do I take Surge after both workouts since its said you should take it after endurance exercise also?

My second question is if alcohol consumption is really bad for an athlete? I heard it decreases your strength, power, endurance and dehydrates you. I was doing real well with WSSB 2 and then last weekend I drank Friday and Saturday and came back this week not being able to squat what I did last week or bench. Thoughts?

-thanks a lot

Your Surge consumption depends on your caloric needs. If the calories in two servings/day cause a gain in fat I would either 1) use it after the weight training, or 2) split the dose in half and use after both sessions (you could likely get away with a bit more than half each workout).

Alcohol is my personal “Achilles Heel”. I have a very high tolerance for it and tend to need it for social lubrication. Despite my good diet and intense training it has often slowed or halted my progress. It problems:

  1. Your body considers it a poison and forgets about everything else (like building muscle) until it’s filtered out.

  2. Your liver and kidneys have better things to do.

  3. Hangovers often last longer than you think and have a negative impact on your next training session.

  4. Dehydration.

  5. Adrenal stress.

  6. 2 A.M. Stopovers at Taco Bell to deal with the munchies!

An occasional glass of wine with dinner is actually good for you. A occasional night out with the boys is almost unavoidable (assuming you have a social life). As with many things in life, moderation is key.

First question: I think it would be fine, because you are splitting the training sessions, so I wouldn’t see a problem with it.

Second question: You answered your own question.