Alcohol and Creatine

I know how bad alcohol is for you; and thefore, I seldom trick. At the most, once a month, if that. Does occasional drinking negate the effects of creatine. I want to starting taking creatine.

Alcohol will dehydrate you. When taking creatine you have to be careful of dehydration. The two don’t mix in that sense BUT you can drink moderatly when taking creatine just makre sure you’ve had enough water throughout the day. Once a month won’t be bad. Have the drinks!!!

you will spontaneously combust…

biochemically, does anyone know how alcohol affects protien synthesis and muscle recruitment and anything else that impacts training?

The biggest problem with alcohol is that it interferes with your sleeping patterns and lowers testosterone. Not a good combination if you are trying to gain mass.

Alcohol does do one BIG thing. It LOWERS your TESTOSTERONE levels for 2 weeks.

Also increases your estrogen the day after you’ve been drinking, which great way to get bald patch and a nice set of titties on you. Of course depends how much you drink, one or two every now and again wouldn’t hurt.

Personally, I’ve recently got serious about putting some mass on recently, and I’ve not touched the booze in 6 weeks and feel a lot better for it and feel I am making better progress as a result. I may well stay off the stuff forever.


alchohol lowers protein synthesis by 20%, primarily in the brain. thats why you feel dizzy and buzzed when your drink. this protein synthesis affects the ammount of protein that reaches your muscles. thats why i stoped drinking and i feel good. as far as with creatine, yeah dont mix em. like the other people said, dehidration by achohol and then creatine adding to the water need and you are fucked. ive also had bad results when i drink protein and a couple of hours later i drank. felt sick and i couldnt do it, so overall, lifting and alchohol bad combo.

hope that helped.

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“Consuming alcohol prior to heading to bed will actually impair your ability to enter Sleep Stages 3 and 4, which are the most crucial to ensuring quality sleep. Therefore, alcohol, while seemingly a sleep inducer, should be avoided.”

Along with killing your natural testosterone production and inhibiting recovery, alchohol is not something you want to take when your goal is optimal sports performance.

Here’s another article to check out on our Big T
It also discusses alchohols effects on T levels.

I agree with that 100%. I feel WAY better when not consuming at all. Its ok to consume occasionally but in my 20’s I probably had enough alcohol for 10 people’s 20’s. :slight_smile:

crazy! will keep it down then esp with exams soon! thanks guys!