Alcohol and Caffeine

this is my first post, ive been checking T-Nation since ages ago and it has been an excellent source of facts, i was wondering if any of you have ever drank massive amounts of alcohol and caffeine, about 500mg-700mg of caffeine in less than a day and some over 40% alcohol shots.

Have you ever noticed the next day (without mentioning the hangover) you end up drier than a raisin and pumped up as if you have done a high rep high set full body workout LOL (i guees the diuretic effects of caffeine and the vasodillating effects of natural Nitric Oxide working “synergistically” give out those results.

Drank nothing but vodka red bulls for all of 2000 and most of 2001.

Didn’t notice the effect you mentioned.

I notice the vascularity effect with hard alcohol/red wine and caffeine. However, as soon as I eat, it completely disappears. I usually notice it during the time of drinking, as I usually drink two or so liters of water before I sleep and another two liters when I wake up.

When I used to drink 151 and coke, I would become a bullet proof genius for a brief period, then black out. I guess during the blackout periods I wasn’t as durable or smart, because I would usualy wake up hurtin, in the arms of a fat chick, with no idea of where I was or how I got there. So- No, I have never experienced that effect from alcohol and caffine.

It’s interesting that you posted this because I’ve been telling people for years that I look more ripped the next day after getting ripped the night before.

I seem to notice it first thing after waking, but never really observed how long it lasts and if it’s actually discernible to others.

I just figured it was due to being dehydrated.

Carb load.

Bad long-term policy.