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Alcohol and Androsol

Knowing that each drink you have lowers your testosterone by 5% until 16 hours after the alcohol is out of your system, if you were to use androsol on the inevitable nights out that us college drunks have a duty to do, will this be an effective temporary replacement for a night or two out for the naturally lowered testosterone levels?

I have tried using adrosol as an HO avoider, and I have had some success. Try this when you get home, 40 sprays of androsol ( I don’t know why i use 40 sprays but it seems to work), 3 Tbs of fresh cod liver oil (Helps slow the absorbtion of any hooch still floatin around) a handful of vitamin B (Restores what is naturally destroyed by hooch) and a half gallon of water. In the morning if you are still dragging ass eat a meal high in fats, drink tomato juice, and try an ECA.

What’s an ECA?

ECA=Ephedrine, Caffine, Aspirin. Like old school ripped fuel from prolabs, or the more advanced MD6

T levels aren’t the worst of it. Dehydration is a major problem. When you get home, eat something with some fats and take vitamins. The fats will help you absorb the B vitamins. Drink a lot of water to rehydrate yourself. Creatine may help you retain water. Eat again when you wake up(assuming no hangover). Androsol certainly won’t hurt, but if you already sprayed 140 sprays that day, it might be a waste.

no. easier and cheaper to just get laid.

I’ve got a nutty idea. Don’t get drunk! Get your priorities in order. The old “I’m in college so I must get plastered” excuse is lame. Poliquin says that while a drink or two is okay you should never get drunk if you’re serious about bodybuilding and/or sports. A drunken night out can affect your training and progress for up to three days. Do this twice a week and you’re fucked!

TEK, yeah, but you see there are some of us who bodybuilding isn’t our entire lives… we will sacrifice 1 gram of muscle mass in order to have some fun and you know, have a life worth living, something that isn’t completely oriented around attaining the perfect body. If there are some who want to do that, I think that’s great for them, but I know personally I can still maintain a pretty good, not perfect, but pretty good physique while not being so anal and livin’ it up, trying new things, and putting life before bodybuilding. I don’t overly care what Poloquin preaches, I just want to know how to minimize the negative effects of doing what I’m gonna do anyways.

Well SBL, I think that androsol would probably help but who am I to tell, i really have no f’n clue. I think that if you want to negate the effects of alcohol you should put down that brown paper bag with the COLT45 in it. Maybe if you got your priorities straight you would realize that all this drinking is not getting you anywhere at all - except laid … which maybe be a good enough reason in itself to drink?!?

But who the hell am I kiding, drink, get laid, be merry. I can tell that you have located and removed the shrink wrap from your penis unlike others who have replied to your post. PS - see ya friday at the cinema!