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Alchohol T down time?

My friend was complaining about the day after he drinks his workouts are terrible. I told him because Alchohol supreses T levels. So Here is my question,… How long after you drink do you T levels go back to normal, what they should be at if you didn’t drink?

I really don’t think your T levels are going to drop too much after the occasional night of drinking. I thought it was more of a problem with chronic use. Maybe not.

I know a good hangover cure that works for me is a 100 mg B complex and a few glasses of water before I go to sleep. Pound the water the next day also. Caffeine helps too. I always thought my performance suffered the day after partying because I piss out so much body water and water-soluble vitamins.

Maybe your friend just feels less manly because of the fat chick he nailed.

The T suppression due to alcohol consumption is more of a chronic effect. Your friend’s short term problem is most likely due to dehydration, as alcohol inhibits antidiuretic hormone (ADH). The kidneys are therefore unable to reabsorb water sufficiently, so he urinates too frequently.

There are waaaaaay too many factors involved to be able to determine how long complete T recovery will take. I believe I have read on T-mag that it can take over 24 hours.

Also, lifts suffer after a night of drinking for more reasons than just decreased T levels.

For example:

  • Dehydration
  • Decreased brain function
  • Poor quality of sleep

I usually train just fine after a night of binge-drinking and action with hookers. Tell your friend get some huevos and train like a real man. Quit making excuses!

Seriously, his acute decrements in performance are likely not at all related to any drop in T levels, which my boy EC clearly stated is chronic and not acute.

The others have made some good suggestions as to why he sucks balls in the gym:

*Poor Quality of Sleep
*Shitty Nutrition the Night of or the Day after
*Impaired Carbohydrate and Fat Metabolism
*Headaches, Lack of Focus, etc.