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ALCAT Food Sensitivities Test

Has anyone heard anything about the ALCAT food sensitivities test?

Or maybe had any experience with it?
I recently had my blood tested for it and was curious if anyone had any feedback for me based on their experience/knowledge

I read an interesting story at www.foodsensitive.com

Went on their site, you can smell the scam 5 links away.

150 food panel for only 394$ USD…

Of course, the simple fact that they link this to a whole slew of disease/condition which currently have no link to either nutrition or allergies/immunology is enough to discredit the whole thing.

To me sites like this undermine the whole Complementary Alternative Medicine field, something it does not need.

Then again, the whole ALCAT test in itself has not even been validated for diagnosis or treatment of food allergies, which would be relatively easy to if it worked.

Here is a nice PDF from the Journal of Invatigative Allergology and Clinical Immunology on

Unproven Techniques in Allergy Diagnosis
B. Wuthrich, Univ of Zurich


It reviews a number of diagnostic methods and the ALCAT test is specifically mentioned.

It was an interesting read.

Hope this helps…or that you can get a refund…
Too many scams out there

thank you dandalex! I had done some research and found an article similar to this one before. It seemed like before I had it done, I found a lot of good information (not from websites promoting it) and then once I had it done, I found a lot of studies that pretty much said the test was worthless.
Lucky for me I didn’t have to pay the full amount and got it “at cost” (not that it was much cheaper)
I may attempt to get my money back…
The doc I went through is beginning to make me think he’s a big scam artist.

thank you for replying! This was helpful

I have had the ALCAT test done, and have been following the elimination diet they provided me with and I want to share my experience with it.
as a backgorund I am 43, suffered with terrible seasonal allergies, have taken anti depressants and thyroid meds for YEARS, the past year I have been just miserable, had terrible GI sypmtoms, gallbladder attacks, severe depression, moodiness, zero sex drive and female problems.

I was sure I was going through the ‘change’, my friend who is a CRNP recommeded coming in to see the Dr she works for and he did the testing.
It has been a week shy of 3 months since I have been doing the elimination plan, and I need to reinforce that the ALCAT is NOT allergy testing as it were, it is a food INTOLERANCE test. As of today I feel better than I ever have in my life, I am not sleepy all day, I bang out my workouts with energy to spare, I am off anti depressants and thyroid meds, my stomach issues have disappeared, my gallbladder no longer bothers me, and my seasonal allergies are nearly non existent, I cant tell you how much my life has changed!

It was tough initially, giving up certain foods is like detoxing from drugs, I eat and dont watch quantities and 40 pounds have disappeared like magic, I recommend this to everyone who feels raunchy and cant shake it. I honestly believe it saved my life.

The ALCAT test works. But there are others that do the same thing. Look into the ELISA or any of the tests from Metametrix. Do you think allopathic medicine would promote anything that takes away money from the drug industry. Why do people not understand this?