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ALCAR Dosage Solution


Im not sure if BBB gave up on utilizing ALCAR or has come up with a similar solution that I discovered. But from all the pages of knowledge, I learned from him, I might as well give it a shot in trying to help him or others dealing with this dilemma as well.

I remember BBB mentioning that ALCAR (acetyl-l-carnitine) had an adverse effect on mental acuity FOR HIM rather than a positive one, I suffered from this effect at first, too. However, later on I started playing with the dosages and have found that dosing 1.5g multiple times throughout the day worked terrifically, anything more and it seemed to be too much( for instance: in one sitting taking 3g) and resulted in sleepiness , anything less than 1.5g, did not show a significant effect on energy boost/ mental-acuity.

Additionally, I take anywhere from 3-7g ALCAR as well as 15-35g of fish oil. I've been influenced by Poliquin to use this synergy and it seems that in my particular acne prone case this is a major factor in keeping my back, face and thighs clear.