so i’m looking at cutting up here pretty soon and i’m thinking of using albuterol and possibly HOT-ROX Extreme. any suggestions for stackers or more effective alternatives to albuterol?

i liked albuterol, but its expensive as hell. in my opinion, clen works better than albuterol, but the sides are pretty rough. i get really flushed and get migraine-like headaches from clen, but in turn it really kicks the fat off with minimal muscle loss.

havent tried HOT-ROX Extreme. the OTC fat loss things that have worked for me were SAN TIGHT, and ALRI Venom Hyperdrive. The hyperdrive basically just gives u a shitload of energy hoping that u use it to burn some fat.

[quote]youngguns516 wrote:
i liked albuterol, but its expensive as hell.[/quote]

doesnt seem expensive at all to me…

yeah actually chemone was where i wanted to go through, nebody know how long shipping usually takes with them? I couldn’t find that on their site without ordering but everything else i’ve heard and seen looks positive. any other opinions on clen vs albuterol?

Chemone will ship everything priority mail. 3 days tops, everytime.

i got my stuff then less than 7 days (7 continuous days, NOT buisiness days) shipping is fast.

as for clen vs albuterol id personally stick to albuteral seeing as there are way less sides. i seen many agruements saying one is better than the other so as far as which one is better i guess its based on sides vs results. if u dont give a fuck about ur life go for clen, not sure how badly 1 bottle can damage you anyways.

what ever you decide to take make sure you get Taurine because they both give u cramps (correct me if im wrong) and give you shitty workouts because of this. you can buy taurine at a supplement store (GNC) its just a free form amino acid wont need to spend more $ ordering it. ive seen MVP 100 or 120 pills of taurine at 500mg for $13~ or you can buy the powder L-Taurine by ultimate nuitrition which has 1000gs for $23~.

as for the difference between taurine and L-Taurine i really dont know im assuming L-Taurine is the full name how ever i could be wrong i suggest reading more on taurine to be sure.

i myself have never taking ether clen or albuterol but i do have some albuterol i plan on taking later. let me know ur results after taking which ever you decide to take.