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If I could obtain a script for this asthma medicine would it help my weightloss efforts with out many side effects? Does anyone have experience with this drug without having asthma?


No I don't but neither it is used in gear circles for the purposes usually associated with its kissing cousins like Clen and Ephederine


The prescription is obtained as an inhaleable which is dosed in the MCG range.

In order to use it as an oral you need to use it in the .25 .50 1.0 mg range. The prescription form of the drug is not very useful.

You can how ever purchase it for "research purposes" this form is not for human use however?


Albuterol is fine to use for fat-loss but it is apparently less potent than Clen...and I personally don't like clen too much.


When I was flying on airplanes in the Navy I was having problems adjusting to different altitudes cause our planes were so f'd up. When I went to the doc they gave me albuterol to take when I was in the air if I were to have any problems. Of course I tried it before workouts for the experience and I must say I was never impressed. It made my throat hurt if I took 3 shots or more and it made my lungs feel itchy. I took ephedrine/ephedra on and off (mostly on) for about 7 years and I can still get it here in China but I've found that my receptors are just fried to hell and it packs almost no punch anymore, pretty much the same as taking birth control for me. NOW... I do NOT normally endorse supplements other than protein powder and creatine, but my friend had me drink a few servings of Superpump250 from Gaspari and I must say I am very very impressed with that stuff. If you can afford the $50 pricetag it is really good. I get ephedra like energy (back when I first started taking it) and the stuff in it is good. It seems to help a lot. It also has some crazy stuff that has increased my sex drive a lot. Give it a shot if you're burned out on ephedra, I hate most supplements so don't think I'm one of those gym rat fags with a new pet.


Check this out for info on albuterol vs clen



Interesting I was unaware. Of course I've never really done a cutting cycle either. This is good info