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Albuterol for Fat Mobilization?

Any success here. Found article saying it may. Just looking. For let 2 lbs in prep. Thoughts ?

I’ve read the study. It’s interesting in that the synergies between caffeine and albuterol don’t exist, and yet a lower dose of albuterol paired with a modest dose of caffeine cause an increase in fat loss from lipolysis. I was going to experiment with this a few months ago, actually, but the side effects are not something I’m on board with. Plus I take adderall, so the interactions could be unpleasant. But someone should give this a shot and see what the results are.

I have tried albuterol for fat loss and didn’t notice much difference, because I was at too high BF% to notice the difference. Probably best for cutting when you are already at a respectable BF% and want to lean out even more for a contest.