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Albuterol for Fat Loss?


My current goal is to drop as much fat as possible, while minimizing muscle and strength loss.

I will not be running any AAS or peptides.

I will be getting my albuterol from the pharmacy. I can't get clen because it's not sold at my pharmacy, and I don't want to have to deal with dealers and make my use known to anyone.

So, what I'm asking is, how useful is Albuterol for fat loss? Is it a good replacement for clen?
And is there anything else I can pick up at the pharmacy (barring AAS) to help me in this goal?


Works the same way as clen but has a shorter half life.


Just took my first dose a few hours ago, 8mg.

Wow. I don't know how the fat burning effects are going to be, but the stimulant effects? Jesus fucking christ. I feel like a fucking ADHD kid on cocaine. My fingers are flying through the keyboard, I'm jittery, hot, and resisting the urge to contact everyone because I am feeling hypersocial.

Had a great training session. Felt very alive and managed to up weights despite being on a big caloric deficit. This effect will probably taper down as my tolerance builds up though, I'm guessing.


Someone advised me not to take clen or al before the w/o. It raises blood pressure and it might mess up your workout.


I think it might have a slight diuretic effect. I pissed alot for the first two days, slight chapped lips, and I already dropped nearly 4lbs (started dieting on the 27th, started albuterol on the 28th). I'm imagining alot of it is water weight.


Do you sweat a lot? It's mostly water, 4lbs is a lot in just 2 days.


I didn't experience increased perspiration, but very increased urination.

It's definitely dehydration and water weight; Today I experienced extreme cramping while training. Setting up my back caused my lower back and hips to cramp. My feet also occasionally cramped up during leg drive.
I will increase water intake and maybe buy some magnesium and taurine.

Currently up to 24mg/day. Will stay at this dose. Great energy and focus, am getting good results in a short time span, and the stimulant effect is quite nice. I feel very social, confident and energetic.
Only downsides are some slight tremors and taking a bit longer to fall asleep, despite taking my last pills many hours before bedtime.

No biggie though. Am happy with the results so far.