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Albuterol for Fat Loss


Does anyone still use Albuterol for fat loss?

I was curious what was the latest talk about them.


I use it on cardio days.

Which recently has been once a week sprints.

It is effective, clean, and you feel pretty good on it. My dosing is definitely much lower than what most people use for a general "fat loss" effect, as I use it to increase my cardio/oxygen capacity.

I think the high dosing of albuterol during the day for 4-5 weeks is kind of a waste, you barely get any benefit out of the effects unless your exercising.

So why not just take it right before you exersise...and take it for longer periods of time.

It makes perfect sense to me, and I have been using it this way for a while now, once or twice a week at a low dose.

I see no reason to cycle off if used in this way, and I have not encountered any problems after almost a year of the above usage.

I have experimented with it before lifting with mixed results.

A low dose gives you a nice stimulant buzz, and improves your workout, your not as tired, etc. similar to caffeine, with less crash.

The normal dose used for fat loss makes me pumped and ready to go, but a little less steady, not shaky, but noticeable less focused. My lifts are generally weaker than normal at this dose.

Im like hopping around ready to throw some iron, but I just cant seem to push my muscles like they usually perform. Its EXTREMELY frustrating.

Your like "Fuck you muscles, why aren't you working correctly".

My initial thoughts were that I was only resting about half as long between lifts because I felt so hyped up, but needed more recovery to perform.

But even after I started carefully timing my rest periods I still noticed a slight drop in strength, my ability to squeeze that last rep or so was limited.

Even if the chemical can increase your strength, at the necessary dose it also makes me lose my concentration and my edge, and thus isn't useful for this purpose.

I have ADHD out my ass though, so your experience may vary.


Care to share the dosages you use, Westclock?


Generally about a quarter to a half a milligram.

Most users take 4+ milligrams, 3 or so times a day for fat loss. Which to me seems a ridiculously wasteful dose.

Its relatively short halflife and usage at a more moderate dose should prevent any serious long term suppression if used only once or twice a week.



You meant to use milligrams instead of grams, right?


Oh god yes.

lol, Ill have to edit that, it you take 4 grams that is going to be practically lethal.


edit the names out of the post.


I did not bump this. A post was deleted.


For fat loss I use around 12-16mg/day, but I don't think beta 2 agonists are that great for noticeable results. Mix of T3, low dose hgh and test, on the other hand, delivers. I still do 2mg/day on test cycles to control my lipids.


Didn't do shit for me.. I prefer clen..