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Albuterol Down Regulation

So Ive been taking albuterol 5 days on 2 off for about a month now and have notice some great gains/recomp, I know all beta 2s will have down regulation and I know due to albuterol shorter half life than clen this down regulation happens a lot slower, after about 5 weeks Ive noticed some down regulation

  1. I know ketofen is effective at preventing down regulation or limiting it but my source blew up for that, and I won’t be able to get some for another month

  2. will Benadryl work, I know theres been conflicting information, some say it does, some says it does not.

Any input, scientifically or by testimony

i’ve seen nothing that shows Benadryl will do what ketotifen will… it still mgiht, but i’ve never seen proof.

research chemical keto is pretty easy to get…

yeah I know, Just got some, I had some already ordered and didn’t want to spend more money just to get it 2 or 3 weeks sooner, was wondering if benadryll could possibly be a short term fix