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Albuterol Doseage


so has anybody have any experience using Albuterol? does it work for fat loss and what sort of doseage would be recommended?



The dosage is different for every individual. It dose aid in fat loss when used along side AAS. The key for any fat loss plan is DIET! There is no magic pill. Drop those carb calories, and you will see results.

Now to answer your question albuterol has a half life of aprox 4 hrs. To begin tak your first 2mg before a cardio workout asses your reaction and effect then if comfortable repeat ED during 2 weeks upping your dose up to 12 mg a day max (4 mornings 4 noon 4 afternoon). Do this 2 weeks on 2 weeks off (remember that your body gets used to CNS! just like coffee), also remember to taper it down.

I personally just take some when I feel short of breath and before high intensity cardio


my diet is dialed in ive already lost 15 pounds and i have a bit more to go so am looking for someting to speed it up a bit more.

thanks for the reply i think ill try it out.


Personally, I use a half of milligram. This is what works best for me.

My advice is to start small then work up to what works best for you.


The pharma in topic would be Albuterol sulfate, right?


that is correct.



you can also check this out a friend helped here!

i have to say that i was on albuterol for 4 weeks starting at 8mcg/day and going up to 16mcg/day!

my personal experience wasn't that pleasant because although it didnt have the side effects of clen or had them but much less expressed i had a minor joint tear when i was using it and it was the only drug i was using at the time also this happened twice at the same range at 16mcg/day !

i suspect this is the drug responsible for my joint problems!

just my opinion!



sorry i meant mg not mcg i better corect it


I'm only finding albuterol in inhaler form. Any tips on finding it in a pill? Would you cycle it with Cytomel in place of Clen?


Have you used T3?


No I haven't used T3 yet. Any advice? I've read a lot but there's no sub for hearing experiences. I appreciate it.


The point is - if you have never used a very powerful and potentially dangerous - why are you planning on stacking it with a synergistic drug?

Simply put, if you haven't used it yet - don't stack it with Clen.


So you're advising 2 weeks on T3 2 weeks off with nothing else taken during that off period. How long do you suggest cycling that before adding the albuterol? From what I read it seems the albuterol is tamer than the T3 so should I start with it?


I was talking about stacking - as i wrote - i was under the impression you were using both together.

I would most definitely suggest someone new to the drugs do a full course (not just 2 weeks mind you) with Albuterol.

It should be more than enough to get someone down to 8% and happy - with correct diet and training and anabolics.

What are your stats BTW?


I'm 6ft 350lbs. I'm coming from a strongman background. I have a lot of muscle but way too much fat. I've lost about 30lbs in the last 3 months. I'm slowly getting my diet and cardio under control. I've done a few cycles of aas in the past but my goals have changed. I used to squat, eat, and sleep. Now I want to be more physically efficient. I'm trying to get to 250 at 8-10%bf. I appreciate your input.


I meant stats in what is your bodyfat - sorry if that wasn't clear.

TBH i dont believe in using a drug like T3 for someone who is very overweight and doesn't know how to eat or train for losses.

If you want to drop some more fat you will need to add cardio and also possibly add some more metabolic work to your training, saying that, as a strongman you will be doing a lot of training for muscular endurance under heavy loads - so that should cover that side.

If you want to use something, try albuterol and a good diet with cardio. There is not a drug on the planet that replaces getting diet and workload under control. And while there are some drugs that come damn close - they are too dangerous to use just as a shortcut IMO.