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Albuterol Cycle?


First off i know albuterol isn't a steroid but i didnt know where to post it thaught this is a good a place as any.

Im planning on doing a cycle of albuterol starting with 4 mg a day going up daily.

is it ok to run albuterol for 10-12 weeks?

When should i take taurine and at what amounts ? every day before workout ?

Is benadryln ok every 3rd week for a week or every night through out ?




im really interested in albu as well


I wouldn't run it for 10-12 weeks straight. 4 at the max with a week break.


and benadryl everynight that break week ?


I have used salbutamol 4mg sr and 8 mg sr for 3 weeks

I believe 3 times of 4mg or 2 8mg will be enough .
I never went higher . Some how i got afried using it while knowen that its liss harsh than clen, just the fact its effecting my heart was maken me worried.
So i stoped using it. It helped with fat but diet is no one or you aint see any diffrence


I have heard that the whole Benedryl up-regulating beta receptors thing is a myth, and only Ketotifen has been shown to have that effect - anyone have any knowledge of this to confirm/refute?

Anyway, OP I'm not sure about albuterol only as I've never tried it, so others can speak on this. However I can tell you that a very large dose of albuterol inhaler (i.e. more than 10x the standard dose of 100 micrograms taken every two hours for about a day) gave me terrible nervousness and shaking etc., so while it is generally milder than clen remember to start quite low and assess tolerance.