Albuterol Cycle: Add T3?

Currently running an albuterol cycle, 12 mg/day. I am planning to ramp this up over the next couple weeks before cycling off for a week or so. I’ve heard that Benadryl can help restore beta-2 receptor sensitivity (which I will use in my off week).

I was able to obtain some T3 (OTC in Beijing) and am thinking about adding this in at a low dose, possibly 10-15 mg/day, as I have heard the catabolic impact is very limited at this low of a dose. Is this worthwhile? Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks in advance!

I’d rather not take T3 without any anabolics, and those doses IMO are too low to have a noticeable impact. I’d rather suggest you to up the albuterol gradually up to 24 mg, also start taking ketotifen 1mg before sleep, while using the albuterol, benadryl is effective too, but I’d rather take ketotifen. If you want to be a little more adventurous, keep a strict ketogenic diet, and add some SERM, it does help.

It looks like SERMs are typically used in conjunction with steroids, either in cycle or for PCT. Will they still be beneficial with only albuterol, and if so, could you recommend one (or a couple; I have no idea what I will find in a Beijing pharmacy) and explain why?

I started reading up on them, but they seem to be a moderately complex topic that may take me some time to get through.

From personal experience I’ve noticed increased fatloss with SERMs