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Albuterol:CNS Effects & Dosages?

I have just started albuterol (2days ago) and realy dont know much about it. compared to clen i learned it has less sides but it isnt so effective so since clen realy causes serius sides to me i opted for albuterol and i would like to know what are the efective dosages and what are the negative sides of it on the nervous system i am afraid that these kind of stimulants overload the andrenergic system (or somthing!!!).

i am curently takin 4mg 2times daily but i realy dont feel any change or an elevation in body temprature a clear sighn it works the only time i feel a change in temrature -and i am monitoring it- is when i take it first thing in the morning without eating anything!other than that i dont feel anything with the second time i take it thats in the evening.

is that how its suposed to work?by the way no sides from albuterol yet(for your information i havent been using any other stimulants for a long time maybe even 2 years, i ended my steroid cycle deca-tren-wins-pct about 3 months ago and just looking to lose only fat i send a picture of me i have 16% bodyfat 179cm height and realy need to losse more fat please help!!!)

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You’re taking about half of the recommended dosage but that’s fine since it’s a good idea to gauge your own tolerance. Its half-life is very short (~4 hours) so it’s a good idea to break up your daily dose into 3 or four servings. Avoid timing your last dosage close to bedtime though. Cycle off after 3-4 weeks for at least a week.

thanks alot kruiser thats a great article but i still dont see any effects as i mentioned before it only raises my temprature in the mornig on an emptu stomach but i cant afford to go to work on an empty stomach because that will lead to muscle loss i work in constructions buildings and other so its pretty hevy work and i need often meals also is it posible when i take it with my meal it works and just dont undrestand it?

but my body temprature doesnt raise as it should is the drag suposed to be taken only on an empty stomach??does anybody know??and please guys help me beside kruiser no one else has replied!!!thanks in advance for any kind if hekp you give me!!!(i would also like some critic for my body but thats another isue)

Calm it lad, less haste, more speed.

Anyway, albuterol is much the same drug in its effects as clenbuterol except for the following noted differences. The half life in notably shorter… this is one of the reasons clen is so damn uncomfortable. If you were to take 200mcg of clen in one go, you are loaded for a good day there (IIRC active life is 36hrs).
Albuterol is less potent, so larger doses are needed… 6mg is common and i think most start on 4mg 3x a day… this is titrated upward as tolerance allows.

All the thermogenic effects are the same as clen, but the half life is a real change. Think Prop vs. Undecanoate… or Cyp vs. Suspension… there are notable differences between these preperations and they are the same bloody drug!

So for starters you are complaining about your body temp… well the difference is subtle IME of these drugs but also you immediately ignored the advice given to you in the only reply you have received. That was that you need to use more… As mentioned above (did you see that post?) Kruiser told you that your dose is nearer HALF that of effective fat loss dose for many, and is a good dose to START ON in order to assess tolerance levels to sides, but with the goal of increasing. First increase the frequency, as 2x/d dosing inst going to cover your day…following the advice given about dosing later in the day… and then the dose.

Albuterol is the most commonly prescribed ‘reliever’ asthma medication today, and as such it is a drug i have used (in minute doses compared to Physique enhancement doses) daily for the past 26 years. I am 28.
This next piece of information really made me think about my own body composition and athletic performance in my life;
Albuterol has been shown to have more than the placebo effect on muscle growth and performance than clenbuterol.

I really have little interest in linking articles to prove my points, as i do feel that those who simply cannot take my word that such an article exists, dont deserve the respect of my attention (and why would i lie)… BUT i do like to share information, so here it is: ;p


Of the 2, Clenbuterol and Albuterol, the latter would be MY thermogenic of choice.


I have done it twice. First time was 3 weeks after which it is supposed to lose effect due to burning out your beta receptors.

I started out with 4mg the first day, then increased it over the next 3 days until I was at 16mg, which is the amount used in the research studies. It has a slight conversion to amphetamine, so I took 8mg at about 7AM, then 4mg at 11AM, then 4mg at 3AM. My thinking was that the level would be dropping off when I was ready to sleep. This seemed to work fine.

I used it while on a two-week break from training to retain muscle, and had good results. I also dropped a couple of pounds without really trying. At the end, I did a couple of days of Benedryl to restore the beta receptors. I did the Benedryl at 5PM, as it put me to sleep for almost 12 hours.

A couple of things to keep in mind: Albuterol lowers the level of taurine in your body, so supplement at least a couple of grams per day while on it. Also, in some studies, albuterol can reduce bone mass. I would think it takes awhile to do this, so a 3 week cycle shouldn’t be a problem. Cissus is supposed to increase bone mass, so maybe stacking that would be a good idea?

thanks alot guys i should aldready had increased my dosing i am in my second week starting tomorow with 8mg and going for 12mg if that goes all right i will go for the full 16mg in a couple of days most for another 1 or 2 weeks depending on the results!!

as far as the bone mass is concerned it sounds like a nasty side effect does it happen to every one?is it reversible?what was your experience with it?and since there is no cissus in grecee ready to buy in suplemental form can i just add calcium to prevent low bone density?

I really dont think that supplementing calcium is going to do too much directly, besides i believe Vitamin D is also needed for absorbtion of calcium too.

Bone Density or a lack of (osteoporosis) is NOT an overnight thing OP, it takes years to take “effect”… it isnt acute, it is chronic.

And i guess, yes, it is KINDA reversable… if you consider drugs, diet and exercise carried out for the following years in your life.

Anyway, i couldn’t remember the general consensus on bone density and Beta2 agonists… so i had a look, and it looks to me to be the case that it is just as possible that clenbuterol increases bone mineral deposits… as the opposite.
It also SEEMS at first glance, that Albuterol is less likely to cause the negative bone density issues that clen has been shown in SOME studies to have (and in others to have positive effects).

I digress… you’ll be fine (in regards to bones).


thanks alot brook you’ve been of great help!!:>

read up on it yourself though to double check.

It is YOUR body at the end of the day, and you should be aware exactly what you are running it on… :wink:

i have <<anabolics 2006>> by william lowelyns and <> by l. Rea. only the first one has albuterol mentioned but not on its full spectrum! i am looking to download <<anabolics 2007>> do you konow where i can find it fot free download?i couldnt find it in any torrent yet!

I dont mean that. there are other ways other than published books man!

Go to google and search for data on albuterol, i am sure you’ll get a hell of a lot more than there will be in Anabolics 200x.

You think the whole book was revised just to add further info on a drug that isn’t wickedly popular and has an almost identical action to another widely read about and used drug (yes, clen).

Anabolics 200X is a good book, very detailed etc. But i think that of many of the people that post here and who claim to have read it - they either did not understand it or they skipped whole chapters, because it is my view that if one was to properly study the information in those books, it would give a decent base-level understanding - something that many new/intermittent posters - who are familiar with the book - do not have


just to let you know this is me 3 weeks after using albuterol first week 4 to 6mg 2nd and 3ed 16mg i believe my great mistake was using only 6 mg the first week!!also i realy need to lose more body fat i look pretty ugly!!!i only took 3 weeks of albuterol because i had a serius injury and had to discintinue it!i was a good 92 kg (202lb) and now i am 85kg (187lb) thats 7kg or 15lb!! the bodyfat count shows 15.5% but i need to do one more acurate does anyone know where can i have an acurate bf count?i also think i lost a lot of muscle because of overworking thats how i got the injury too!!!

first off don’t be too ahrd on yourself you look better than 90% of the population. Secondly, never again utter the words “i began taking chemical “x” , i don’t know much about it” seriously you seem intelligent , do your research before hand there are things out there that are easily obtained thst CAN cause harm.

actualy by saying <> i wasnt telling all the truth because i had done some research but i needed more to suport it just to be on the safe side!!my brief experience with the drug would be described as excelent compared to the sides produced by its similar substance clebuterol!!i will go for another cycle as soon as i recover!!

And i would like to also add to MP’s post, that i agree - you do have a good basic size/shape to you - carry on with the hard work… drugs of many type’s will assist you, but work hard first and foremost, you are doing well fella.

Glad to see you got such good results with Albuterol.

Keep the protein high and train heavy (to try to keep as much of your muscle as possible - if you are serious and can make the time, split your hour under the weights into two 1/2 hours; morning and aft/evening - this will assist a LOT in boosting the metabolism further) while adding cardio on those drugs…

The cardio is really important to effective fat loss on that family of substances :wink: