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Alberta's Strongest Man Live Broadcast


Hello all,

Tune in this Saturday, June 18th to watch Alberta's strongest titans vying for cash, prizes, and of course bragging rights. If you can't make it in person tune into our live stream, we recently upgraded our hardware and switched to a new livestream provider and fixed previous bugs. (SFW)

The event will take place in Calgary, Alberta from 1-5pm Mountain Time, events are as follows:
1. Farmer's Walk - 250lbs/hand for 30'. 300lbs/hand for 30', 350lbs/hand for 30'. Fastest time wins. Belts, knee wraps, and chalk permitted. *

  1. Heavy Metal Carry for max distance - Similar to the Husafel Stone carry, athletes will pick up a 353lb metal object from the ground and carry it in front of their body as far as possible. Furthest distance carried wins. Only chalk permitted in the hands. No other support aids in the hands permitted. Belts, wraps, suits all permitted. Consider extra arm wraps for protection. *

  2. Overhead pressing medley - 4 objects Something like - 220 axle clean and press, circus dumbbell clean and press (120lbs - 130lbs), 275lb log, 172lb thomas inch dumbbell clean and press. No straps allowed. Wrist wraps, chalk, belts allowed. *

  3. Last Man Standing Deadlift - Olympic bar will be lifted from the ground to full lockout of knees, back and hips. Weight will start at 455lbs. Chalk, straps, baby powder, suits and hitching allowed. *

5.Atlas Stones - 5 stones will be lifted from the ground to a platform. 230lbs, 252lbs, 305lbs, 345lbs and 375lbs. There will be a 420lbs stone however due to recent athlete concern this will be a bonus stone counting for an extra $50 to which ever athlete can load it. This will be one of the heaviest 5 stone runs in Canadian strongman history. The platforms will be low to balance out the weight. Belts, wraps, chalk and tacky permitted. *

Competitor list:
1. Nathan Donahue - 220lbs (LW)
2. Xavier Schurtenberger - 230lbs (LW)
3.Dennis Ruygrok - 245lbs (HW)
4.Carlos Cook - 225lbs (LW)
5. Tom Chingis - 240lbs (HW)
6. Norman Kelsick - 215lbs (LW)
7. Randy Cave - 220lbs (LW)
8. Mike Schuck - 215lbs (LW)
9. Chris Macritchie - 230lbs (LW)
10. Kevin Green - 220lbs (LW) *** Unconfirmed***
11. Dave Cochran - 235lbs (HW)
12. Robin Fuller - 215lbs (LW)
13. Jeremy Ambrosone - 295lbs (HW)
14. Ed Lord - 260lbs (HW)
15. Rob Curren - 225lbs (LW)
16. Darren Scott - 260lbs (HW)
17. Peter Leach 260lbs (HW)
18. Tyler Filewich 320lbs (HW)
19. Brad Shepard 245lbs (HW)
20. Akar Anwar 240lbs (HW)