Alberta T-Ski and Ride

Anyone up for a ski/board trip close to Calgary?

I haven’t had a chance to hit any of the T-Cells, but I think this would be a great way to have fun. Anyone in???

I don;t ski or snowboard(I can;t even stand erect if I am not on skates) so probably not but I am going to Calgary to meet up with Craig and jade later next week. Hit them up and see if they are interested in doing anything. I don;t want to speak for them.


You can always sit in the chalet and drink :slight_smile:

luke you have to come and try!

I am in 4 sure
I board and I know the Burton Rep (he dated my sister) and if you give me enough time he might just let us demo some new boards!!
so let me know O.B.K.B?

Depending on the weekend I might be in.

Stu and I are heading to Calgary this weekend for my grandfather’s 90th birthday party.

Well Eva, you will have to teach me how to snowboard. The last time I tried I was in grade 9 and I rode the board down on my ass for the whole hill >(

I am more inclined to do things where there is no inevitability of death.


We talking Fernie, the griz was working overtime in Jan! I rode Fernie for 3 years great small town vibe and some sick terrain.

I was thinking somewhere closer to Calgary, maybe Louise or Sunshine. How about the first weekend in March?

“if you give me enough time he might just let us demo some new boards!!”

I’m sure it won’t take too long.Hee hee hee!

What about Kicking Horse? That’s pretty sick terrain I hear too.

Who do we have so far?

Anyone else interested?

Come-on, it will be great fun.

Enough. End thread.

US=GG, I’ll bump this just because it gets under your skin,

also to see if anyone else is interested.