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Alberta T-Cell Gathering Results

Cass and Hogan.

Get your Cake on! Check out the flames. . .

In his sugar induced insanity CGB mistook the swiss ball for a pony. . .

Free advertising.

Funny . . . putting the hat on seemed like a good idea at the time. . .


Showing a little leg

Is that a Grow bar in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Hogan, Cass and the Beefcake.


This is the one Louie gave the Cake, the cluster shot was mis-labeled.

This was me fulfilling my promise to decorate the Cupcake.

That is just CLASSIC!! I am so damn jealous. It looks as if everyone had a great time! Good for you.

I didn’t think it was possible for Cass to get any sexier, but, Christ, it happened. Cass, with your ambitious goals in mind, you really don’t have time to date and what not. Thus, marrying me immediately is pragmatic. I hear Canada is lovely in the summer and Stoors, CT is picturesque in autumn. What do you say?

Well, that’s all the pics I’ve got. Although I know that Cass and Beefcake have some (which I have copies of) but I don’t want to steal their thunder and post those so we’ll have to wait for them.

Thanks to Cupcake for sending me his pics, the ones I’ve put up are mix of his and mine.

I’ll have some more of paintball coming once the film is developed and we scan the pics in.

Remember, send me your pics for the CD compilation. Storage space on a CD is cheap so you can send me crappy pics too, afterall those sometimes provide the best flavour.


You all have set the standard for T-cell gatherings, looked like an awesome time.

Now if we can only get a Sandiego Cell together!!


I think the coolest thing about all this is that it all started with a wish from E~.

She wanted to have the coolest birthday party ever, and the overall result was the first, and greatest, Alberta T-cell Gathering!!!

We should all send a big thanks out the Superstar T-Vixen herself:

“Eva: You Rock!!!”

Paintball was a crazy good time with some crazy good people, but the best part of Saturday was the evening at the cake house. I’m still having dreams of the bacon stuffed beef tenderloin served by master cake and the vanilla coffee slushie machine with bailey’s. The only downside of the night was not having the time to talk to each person as much as I would have like to. Rarely have I been around so many quality people at one time, but then I spend most my time with large, drooly dogs. Hooking up with the t-folks out in Calgary was like hooking up with long lost friends. Thanks to everyone out in Alberta for making me feel so welcome. I look forward to finding a way back out for future gatherings.

looks like you peeps had a good time. Too bad we live so far away.

Here’s the group registering for the big day!