ALBERTA: Suppose I Was Moving

Suppose I was moving from Quebec to Alberta, establishing myself anywherte between Banff and Calgary, most likely Canmmore (I’m not saying I AM moving, but pretend I were).

Now, I probably would ask if there were T-Dudes out there in Alberta (I’m not saying I AM asking, but suppose I were).

And suppose you were someone from Alberta (I’m not saying you are, but suppose you were…)

What should my darling and I know about Calgary-Canmore-Banff in particular (mostly Canmore)?

*Even though I sound like a dimwit clown in my post, it is a serious post. We are really planning to move from Quebec to Canmoe Alberta in 2 years and we just thought we would throw the question to T-Nation (not that we care about what you people have to say, but suppose we were…)

What would you be doing in Canmore? I’d imagine it’s a pretty expensive place to live, like any other Rocky Mountain tourist trap. The average house sells for $430K. It’s a small town and the tourists probably outnumber the residents year round – good if you’ll be making a living off them, probably pretty annoying otherwise.

I live an hour east of calgary. Theres not many serious gyms around. While I make do with what I have, I’ve heard theres one in okatoks that’s supposed to be powerlifting friendly. I’m not entirely sure which one though… What i’m trying to say is that you’ll probably be alone in your gyming, and you’ll have a hard time finding a hardcore enough gym if you’re anything like me. I wouldn’t count on canmore having anything significant but you never know… The good gyms seem to be hidden away in really weird places.

I don’t know what else to say about alberta because it’s really up to your preferences!

I stop by there every year on my way home from University. A little small but a pretty nice place. It might not have a gym but with all of the outdoor activities you can do you might not need one.