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Alberta Motorcycle License

I’m moving to Grande Prairie for the summer and would like to get my Alberta motorcycle license so I can ride my way back to Quebec in september.

All I found is the Gearing Up website and I’ll contact them as soon as I get there but they don’t provide all the info like a probation period and such…

Any fellow t-men/women familiar with the procedures to follow in order to obtain a license? Will I be able to ride a bike back to Qc after having my license only for a few months? Other informations such as price and time needed to complete a full independent rider license would be appreciated.

I’ve googled the subject but would like to hear from experienced riders.


Well I dont have a motorcycle, but if you go to your AAA equivilent in Quebec they should be able to help you out. Or you can contact ama or alberta regestries. Either of those should be able to give you any information you need. A few years ago all you needed was a learners licence to be able to ride a motorcyle. But with the new gradulated system I am not sure.
Hope this helps a little bit.

Thanks for replyinh, will be making some phone calls this week.