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Alberta Gathering September 11th.


Okay folks,

Here we go, I'm planning a T-Cell gathering on September 11th in Edmonton.

Alberta's Strongest Man (a strongman competition) is being held here:

Delwood Community League
7515 Delwood Road
Edmonton, AB

From 12:00pm - 3:00pm

I'll be there cheering on competitors (unfortunately I won't be able to compete) and I would invite you all down to join me.

After that I was thinking that perhaps we could look to dinner and some drinks afterward, if it's a small enough contingent we could do it at my condo (the drink part dinner would be damn crowded) or we can happily head out to one of many local bars.



I might be able to make it...that's our usual training time at the U of A but I'll see if we can shift that a bit. If I come I'll look at dragging justkevin with me.

Do you train/compete in strongman Sturat?


Nah, I used to be a powerlifter but I haven't done anything in a few years. Training has been very off and on for me for a while.

I did once compete in a strongman though. . .


I'll be at a Chickenfoot concert in Tahoe that day.....raincheck?

BTW...I do like the idea of a T-Nation gettogether - keep up the good work.


There should be three or more of us going down to watch, anyone can PM me on here if you're interested in meeting up there.