Alarmingly High DHEA Blood Result

Hi I just got bloodwork from doctors and have a alarming result,
DHEA level of 166ng/mL reference 3.00-11.00
This is not DHEAS test just to be clear,

Please let me know what this is if you know?

Are you supplementing with exogenous DHEA

Synthesis of DHEA is typically stimulated by release of ACTH. If I were you I’d get a comprehensive checkup regarding adrenal function

Too early to say what it could be/is, there are numerous possibilities… it’d be irresponsible of me or anyone else at this point to say “you’ve got this”…

DHEA that high over the ref range may indicate a tumour/growth on the adrenal glands… so… get that checked out… endocrine pathology such as cushings syndrome could also be a culprit, however I’m fairly sure you’d have other symptoms at this point.

Ok thanks im trying to call a endocrinologist today,
But may be difficult as Christmas tomorrow
What is ACTH ?

Adrenocorticotropic hormone… yes it’ll be difficult to get ahold of an endo on Christmas Eve, I know it can seem nerve wracking, esp after getting a result like this, however there isn’t much differences between getting the call in now and in 2-3 days…

Chill out, be calm… perhaps meditate a bit

Ok the doctor who give me the results said hes not worried at all,
As all my other bloods are normal, he thinks if i had a tumor or serious health issues other results would be out of whack,

What do u think about that ?

Well what other bloods did you have?

Are you on TRT?

Not on TRT,
I had blood pannel done
All minerals potassium iron calcium etc
Cholesterol panel
Live panel
Free T4

Would you mind telling me the results for all variables?

Ofcourse I can


I tried the do a bit of research my self and Alot of people say if you have a tumor it would be >700,
But im still woried,
I hope I dont have Cushings

For women, an extremely high circulating level of DHEA sulfate (say 800ug/dl) is indicative of a hormone secreting tumour

I don’t think you have Cushings, with cushings I’d expect electrolyte imbalance and impaired glucose tolerance + cortisol would be far more elevated than it is (granted the case could be very mild and thus one could be relatively asymptomatic)

But you don’t fit the symptom profile, I’d also expect testosterone to be low, the majority with cushings will present with lowered (either subclinical or full blown hypogonadism) testosterone levels

You’re cortisol is elevated, as is plasma concentrations of dehydroepiandrosterone (and dramatically so)… it’s almost 15x the upper limit of the ref range, I’d take that seriously lol. I’d get a comprehensive look at you’re adrenal functioning

Platelet volume is sliiiightly higher than normal, I wouldn’t worry about that, dramatically elevated platelet volume can be a sign of haematological malignancy… but this is so mildly elevated it’s ehhhh, if you’re worried get it checked in 3 months or so to see if it creeps higher. RBC is fine despite what the results indicate…

I only speak English and thus can’t read the entire report. There appears to be testing for numerous antibodies at the bottom to which you’ve come up positive for many, could you tell me what they all read? First few appear to indicate allergies to animals if I’m not mistaken??

Hi yes that’s correct thats a allergy test,
And I come back positive to dog allergies cat allergies tree allergies dust allergies,
Am very concerned about the high DHEA but Im trying not to freak out,
Maybe there could be a mistake with the test?
Im going to see a private endo asap about it,
I know that my DHEAS is in range as i had it tested 3 weeks ago,

I cant find any studies with people who had high DHEA,
Its all talking about the conversion to DHEAS

Could be a false positive, not as if it hasn’t occurred before

Yeah its very strange as I said my DHEAS is in normal range when people are talking about the tumors thats always elevated aswell,

Could it be because my low free testosterone and high shbg?
Maybe its trying to over compensate that balance things out ?

No… not when things are that far out of the norm

Hi mate I spoke to a emergency endo and He told me after looking at my all my bloods he highly doubts I have adrenal problem or a serious hormone problem,
He said I should re test with a real endo and not just the hospital as they may not be using the right test,
Also He told me the other tests I need to do to check Further for adrenal issues
Like ACTH and AM cortisol also full thyroid pannel and some other bits,
But Im happy I managed to get him to look at all my blood results and he doubts its serious after looking at all bloods,
Now i can relax a bit more for Christmas lol
I hope you enjoy your Christmas and thank you for taking your time to help me with the advice!