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Alan Greenspan's Book

Anybody else reading “The Age Of Turbulence” by Greenspan? I swear, I’m getting addicted. I can’t put it down.
This guy is a f*cking genius.

For some reason, my entire life I thought finance and money are things from a different planet. Then I started to read this book, and Greenspan goes “I was just a kid that was pretty good with numbers” and I’m like - wait a second, that’s me.

I did computational physics and computer simulations and shit like that in high-school and college, and I thought that was super-cool (yeah, I was a total nerd, I know), but now I realize the stuff that Greenspan did is quite similar, except applied to a different parcel of reality

(well, OK, I’m not comparing myself with Greenspan - that would be like comparing myself with Stephen Hawking or Linus Torvalds, to take two examples from my fields).

But in the end, it’s just numbers.

Oh, and this book gives you quite a bit of juicy behind-the-scenes morsels from high-level American politics.

Very highly recommended, get it while it’s hot.

Oh yeah, and now a lot of things start to make sense - like, all the factors considered by the Fed when they raise or lower the rate.

This is gold - it’s like learning soccer from Beckham, or physics from Hawking.