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Alactic Sprints vs Lactate Sprints

What are the major advantages or differences in alactic vs lactate sprints.

I’m wanting to do 2 Sprint sessions per week.

One day doing 10 sec bike sprints with 60 sec rest

One day doing 30 sec bike sprints with 2 min rest

Also would these best be done before workouts if I cannot do them on and off day?

Thank u

This is a very broad question. A huge part of biochemistry is centered around this very topic and there is no way to cover it here.

However, I assume you want to know how to fit everything into your training without screwing things up. I can give you a weekly template of Dan Pfaff, who is a brilliant track coach, to show you how he incorporates both lactate and alactic dominant sprints into a training week.

Monday- Alactic Sprints, Jumps, Weights
Tuesday-Technique work, bodyweight, medball and/or circuit training
Wednesday-Alactic Sprints, Jumps, Weights
Thursday-restoration, bodyweight, mobility
Friday- Alactic Sprints(low volume), weights
Saturday- Lacate Sprints, bodyweight

I can’t recommend Dan Pfaff’s work enough. You should definitely check his stuff out. It’s a lot easier to understand than slogging through a biochemistry book and trying to apply it.

Hope this is helpful.


Great post above, thank you.

BTW, 30 sec is the beginning of the lactic zone. It peaks at around 45-60 seconds. But someone new to this should definitely start with 30 sec. You will likely need more than 2 minutes of rest between those sets.

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Thank you for your info on this. I will look into it more. I appreciate it

Ok. Would you recommend these on off days or before a workout?
I think if I did a sprint 8 workout like you talked about in your article before a weightlifting session I would be drained.

That’s why I was thinking of alactic Sprint’s before a workout. These dont drain me as bad as Lactate sprints but didn’t know if they would produce good results

Alactic sprints can actually potentiate you

How many would you recommend before a workout and would these have a fat loss benefit as well?

If you have time, would 2 alactic sprint sessions per week, both done before upper body days be a good plan?

And then do one Sprint 8 session on which off day?

My schedule is

Monday bench + assistance

Tuesday squat + assistance

Thursday press + assistance

Saturday deadlift + assistance

Thank you