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Alabama Spring Football Game

I am somewhat surprised, but not really surprised, that alabama fans turned out in a huge number of almost 93,000. Saban has always been a winner wherever he goes. He brought a championship to my LSU tigers, the real champion because we have the ADT trophy and not U$C, in 2003; and I will always thank him for that.

He will improve alabama as a team, there is no doubt in my mind, but I don’t think he will have the success or even a chance of winning a national title, let alone an SEC title or even an SEC western division title like when he was in Baton Rouge.

For one, in Louisiana, LSU is football, they get all the best recruits in the state. In alabama, the tide have to compete with Auburn, who have of late, been the far superior team.

Second, Saban has burned alot of bridges in Louisiana and Florida because of his “lying” about loyalty and intentions. I can’t say that I wish him well, because frankly I hope he is a miserable failure. He broke alot of tiger fans hearts when he left for miami, but he stepped on our hearts when he bolted for bama.

This is the cleanest, most respectful respectful manner that I could write about “him.” I would like to hear what other people think. Once again, as every year I think the SEC west is going to come down to LSU and Auburn and only the true tiger will prevail, whomever that might be.

By the way, I used to always pull for bama in the iron bowl. No more. War Eagle! (as much as I HATE Auburn).

I have no favorites in the SEC but I will be rooting against him.

I rooted for him because he was Lou Saban’s son but I don’t like the way he handles himself. He is a phony.

If he doesn’t have instant success in Alabama he will shift the blame and jump ship.