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What your take on ALA? Is it worth the hype? I was thinking about using 2000mg per day during my hi-carb massive eating phase.

Do between 200-300 mg 3 times daily. -

It seems to have some significant benefit for clearing glucose out of the system with PC meals. See Marc McDougal’s “Fun with Glucose” post for a little more insight.

the tablets im looking into are 500mg a pill

You wont be requiring more than 1 gram a day, secondly, dont take it with foods as this decreases biovalability (which is poor to begin with),has a half life of about 30 minutes so spread out your dose if you want a constant supply in your blood.Take 30 minutes before meals.50-100 mg doses seem to work best.

I have been taking 1 gram of ALA with my post workout p/c shake. It makes the veins pop out of my forearms so I think it is doing something good. I posted a while back that I took a gram with a glass of port wine and got an insane muscle pump for like 20 minutes.

I was going to take 1 tab pre workout, 1 tab post workout, and 1 tab with my next 2 post workout meals.
you guys think 2 grams is to much?

Is there any benefit to taking ALA with your postworkout shake?

I use Surge. Wouldn’t your muscles be very insulin sensitive post-workout plus with a high GI drink?


where did you going find 500ml ALA in pill/tablet form? (usually, I only see in capsule form)


1? or 2 grams a day?

and at what times?

tablets and capsuls i consider as the same thing. whats the diffrence. maybe they are caps i dont kno…just kno they are 500mg per pill

I have been taking 3500-4000mg a day and its been to say the least, incredible. I get silly pumps in my warmups and by the time half my workout is over Im ready to explode. I love this stuff. When I did 1 gram dosages I noticed nothing

How many carbs do you eat? Do you have any feelings of low blood sugar(lethargic or just plain tiredness) with this much ALA?

Sorry, my last post was directed at Chris.

wow…sounds good…chris how many mg’s do u suggest i take in a day? And at what times? when do u take your ALA in? Do u take more on your workout days opposed to your off days?

chris, still looking for your imout before i order. thanx

Well, I was using ALA when I was dieting. During one phase I was eating about 250g of carbs per day. Pumps were crazy. I would have 500 to 1000mg about 20-30 minutes before my carbs meals and especially post workout. Still, the total was in the 3500-4000 range. On cheat days, I would go even higher and would really get full and vascular. When I was dieting on less than 100g of carbs I was still using it, but only about 2500-3000 mg per day and I was still getting great pumps. I never felt flat and normally at that level of carbs I feel like a string bean. You have to experiment for yourself, but I’d suggest keeping it over 3000mg per day, taking 500-1000 half an hour before eating. I did ocassionally experience some hard crashes if I had taken my ALA and not eaten either soon enough or enough carbs. That’s not a good feeling. I cant wait to try it on a bulking cycle.