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In anticipation on my low-carb dieting coming to a screeching halt pretty soon, I’m planning on picking up some Alpha Lipoic Acid. Can anyone recommend a good brand at a reasonable price and where to buy it online? I know that EAS, Twinlab, Now, and Soloray make it. Think that I can trust any company other than EAS and Twinlab?

DPS Nutrition site. I buy the Twinlab brand there all the time. Cheaper than any other vendor.

Look for CONTROL by Nti, it’s got 400mg of ALA per cap and other things to make it work better by improving insulin sensitivity.

iherb.com has great prices, including Jarrow and Source Nutrition, both high quality products.

nutriteam.com, no one even comes close on price and 300mg caps are the best.

Zoomer, if you’re shopping for ALA on dpsnutrition, I’m suprised you didn’t notice that AST sells it even cheaper than Twin Labs (90 200mg caps for $22.95).
But the price on nutriteam is incredible! Trick Nick - do they have decent customer service? What’s their quality like? Anyone else know anything about quality issues with ALA? or is it kind of like vitamin C - all pretty much the same?

Get the “Now” brand at dpsnutriton. They come in 250mg capsules and are very cheap.


I bought the Now brand (as I do for CLA as well). I am, however, kicking myself now that I saw the deal at nutriteam.com. Oh well, I’ll remember it for next time. Thanks, everyone.

JJ is right. CONTROL by NTI is a great product at a great price. 400mgs of ALA per cap with Vandaly and Chromium also. You can usually find it for about $26.00-29.00 for 60caps. You might have to find a Nutri-Sport.

It appears to be good, and got it out to me in less than 4 days.

Kilosports sells 1K 100mg ALA tabs for like $60