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How effective is ALA in getting someone into ketosis faster. has there been any studies done or has anyone ever experienced any results. I’ve read John U has had results by taking 3000mg a day. If I am going to spend some money and buy it in bulk, I want to know the shit works. Any input would be appreciated

3000mg on day 1 only! I think the only good reason for getting into ketosis faster would be if you are on a CKD. More days of ketosis during the week will result in greater fat loss, less muscle loss, and an overall better adaptaion to the diet. I know many people that take a good 3 days to spill over ketones. This doesn’t mean that they are not in ketosis though. I find by using 3000mg of ALA on day 1 I usually will get trace urinary ketones in less than 20 hours. You may have side effects such as dizziness and nausea on the first day but as long as you consume almost no carbohydrates, ALA won’t have this effect in ketosis. Try to space out the dosage such as 500mg x 6 with meals. Metformin may work better but I have no experience with it and is much more dangerous IMO.