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ALA Timing and doasge?


I am awaiting a couple bottles of ALA to come in the mail, in preperation I would like to know what amount is good to take at one time, and what should the timing be for these amounts i.e. around what neals... I imagine I will be taking them with meals including carbos, but any light that can be shed will be very helpful..J


300mg with each carb meal; you can even take more than that with your pre/post workout beverage. It does seem to be a dose respondant compound (i.e. more is better to an extent). I'd really encourage you to pick up some r-ala for your next purchase, as it is much more potent and cost effective.



Are you using regular ALA or r-ALA? Having used both the racemic mix and r-ALA, my experience was that anything under 500mg of ALA at one time was a waste of time. To get really noticeable effects I was taking about no less than 3000mg a day.

As for the r-ALA, 100mg for every 30-50g of carbs.


thanks a lot you guys, yes, I will definately pick up the ALA next time, and will adhere to your reccomended dosages. So there is no need to take the ALA with protein/ fat meal combinations? Is there any benefit to doing this?


Thunder, how would you split up your r-ala if I'm taking in 3 P+C(225C) meals and one of them is surge. My r-ala only comes in 100mg capsules. Right now I'm taking 100mg before each carb meal.


JasonL, take the ALA 15-20 minutes before your P+C meals, except Surge (as per JB).


"As for the r-ALA, 100mg for every 30-50g of carbs"

TT, let me rephrase my question. Sorry, I thought it might be a little confusing. I'm taking in 225g of carbs and according to Thunder's recommendations I should be taking 400-700mg or r-als. I'm currently taking 100mg 15-20 minutes before my P+C meal but I'm unsure about where I should be getting in the other 100mg. Or should I skip the r-ala in my surge and take 200mg with my other carb meals.