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ALA on T-Dawg Diet

I’ve just started the T-Dawg diet for my last 4 weeks of cutting before I head to the Caribbean. My question is this: since most of my meals are zero-carb (or near-zero-carb) is there any point in taking ALA before those meals? Is there any use for it at all on the T-Dawg diet? (I’ve got the r-type ALA, by the way). Thanks in advance.

You could use it 15-20 minutes prior to your post-training shake. Otherwise, I’d save it for carb-up days.

take it before you eat your pre and post workout carbs.

And then use it on carbs up refeeds

Damici, rALA is an excellent glucose disposal agent, yes. But it also does a great job of regenerating Vitamins C and E, extending their useful life as antioxidants. It is capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and for that reason could be described as neuroprotective.

ALA is protective of the nervous system and the brain, both. In fact, alpha lipoic acid has been has been used extensively in Germany for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy – a degenerative nerve condition in which the nerves leading to the arms and legs are damaged.

ALA is great stuff. There are reasons for including it above and beyone assistance in carbohydrate metabolism.

Thanks guys. So Terry, are you saying I should also take it before zero-carb meals? Or would the timing with relation to meals not really matter, since there are no carbs involved anyway? Thanks again.