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ALA and MD6

Does anyone else feel like shit when using Alpha Lipoic Acid on a low carb diet. I feel really lightheaded and almost sick after using it. This happened with straight EAS ALA on the anabolic/bodyopus diet and with only MD6. I read Lyle Mcdonald say once that this is because it actually clears blood glucose so fast that you can get hypoglycemic. Does anyone else experience this or have suggestions?

I know in a previous post someone suggested taking 3000mg of ALA on day one and 1000mg during, in divided dosages. If I did that, I would feel like shit all day. Again, each person responds different. If I were you, I would take a regular EC stack, or something without ALA. But, I would take ALA with my postworkout drink if it contained carbs and I would take ALA with my last two meals of the day. Since you don’t mind being run down before bed anyway. But, during the day, I would just take what I mentioned before, nothing with ALA.