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ALA, and HMB?..

I’ve decided to take my training up a notch before I cut, and buy ZMA… I already buy M, Creatine and Glutamine… I fallow Beredi’s DON’T DIET plans, I eat salmon caplets, and salmon, I eat 3 table spoons of flax and Olive oil… 300 grams of protein etc, (in other words my diet is really really good)… Now 2 things that have always confused the hell outa me is ALA, and HMB? what do they do, and are they worth the price… and how much do I take… Im trying to preserve the most muscle mass while cutting… I cannot afford CLA, because of how much of it you need for it to be effective, if anyone can give me some insight as to this, i’d be VERY appreciative…

HMB totally sux. my reccomendations would be Methoxy 7 and SURGE for maintaining muscle while dieting. Tribex 500 is excellent, also. SURGE is a must for any serious trainer.

HMB is only effective at emptying your wallet and disappointing you. ALA, on the other hand, can help significantly with insulin sensitivity.

In simple terms, ALA helps the body to process carbohydrates more efficiently. HMB, in adequate concentrations, helps the body recover faster from intense workouts. This may not be true for some folks, but there are others who swear by it.

BTW, an effective (and not necessarily “optimum”) daily dose of CLA (3-6g/daily) is going to be cheaper than an effective dose of HMB (minimum 3g-5g/daily).