ALA (Alpha Lipolic Acid)

Hey there gang. Read a post about useing ALA to help with Vascularity (sorry about the spelling) and pumps before a workout, so i brought a tub. I have been taking 300mg with 150mg caffine before a weight traing session. Yeah, the pumps are great, and vas in my arms is a bit better (although that may just be veins getting bigger anyway) Am going out biking tonight, so gonna take the same dose to see if any difference occurs there. What are its main benefits, apart from these effects ?
Paul G

To my understanding, the main benefit of ALA is that it increases insulin sensitivity. Since caff. has the opposite effect, ALA will hopefully cancel out any negative effects that it (caff) will have. I don’t really use much caffein, aside from thermogenics, but increased sensitivity to insulin is a good thing. Therefore, I take 300mg regularly, and 600mg when on a thermo. Hope this helps.

Yeah, thanks for the Info Trev. Back from biking now, and as i said, i took the 300mg ALA and 150mg Caffine and had a good cycle. Went 20 miles in just under a hour (This is on a mountain bike) so was good. Legs looked pumped and tri’s/lats too. Rarely ran outta breath to. (Oh and the weather is bloody hot over here at the moment to) Paul Govier

High doses, around a gram, are great with a high carb. That is if your body needs it: post workout, lowcarb-carb-up. It shuttles the sugar to your muscle and prevents storage to fat cells. I’ve read this info, and found it to be true in my experience.

Another benefit of ALA is that it is a strong antioxidant. This was it’s original purpose, but it seems to have been overshadowed by other benefits.

ALA also imparts excellent antioxidant action in the body. In fact it actually rejuvinates already oxidized antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, A etc. Since free-radical buildup is prevalent during workouts antioxidant protection is a must IMO.