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AL**SHOP.org ?

Has anyone used AL**SHOP.org before, or heard whether they are legit? (I’ve replaced some letters with stars to avoid some flames.) Thanks.

do you really think that putting 2 stars would ever fake someone out as to the name? lol right you totally fooled all the trolls.

It’s legit as far as I know, never heard bad about the site, though I have heard bad about IP. Could just be bullshit rumors though.

Especially since you can set some search engines to use the stars as a wildcard to get the name, even if you can’t guess it.

I’ve heard good things, though I’ve never had the need to order from an internet-based company. They are based in Europe and sell sachets, both of which could help cut down on customs issues. They also sell vials, amps, tabs, etc. if you’re up for taking a risk.

schwarz just wondering if you got my last pm

I had some problems initially, I ordered twice though( I only recieved half of my first order all sachets were missing) and after a little talk with them they agreed to resend. Ive heard they are selective scammers.

Once I talked to them and they straightened things out they urged me to post positve comments on their forum and any others I posted on. Even though I did recieve all my gear I don’t think I wouldn’t order from them again, there are too many places with better,less shaky reputations

selective scammer…I wouldn’t go there, just my opinion though.

Yea ok so aside from me being a smart ass earlier today I have heard the same as MIA, that they are selective scammers. Usually the first small order goes through, then any later orders/larger order seem to have “mix ups”.

I would agree. Selective scammer.

Or… in other words too busy to satisfy everyone.

Find a domestic source if you can. Much less headaches

i wouldn’t go there either.

I placed an order in May for the satchels and some oral primo. I received the all the satchels and never received the orals. They claim to ship the satchels separate from all other AAS.

My order for the primo was not really needed. I only ordered it to make it over the minimum order. I emailed them once and they claimed it must have been “seized” by an intermediate customs.

They went on to say they do not replace orders seized by “intermediate customs” because I would never receive a seizure letter. The dollar amount was not worth the effort to argue over. In the future, if I had to order from them, it would be small orders and satchel products only.

Btw, their satchel products did need burn and I did quad and butt injections.

He’s the owner of BP as well, got his halotestin and dbol, the halo does nothing even at 60mg/ed, dbol seems underdosed as well. I’ve heard better experiences from his former British Dragon partner, who’s the owner of axiolabs, but I cannot say his name.

I’ve had good luck with them but have several friends who got burned for a lot of $$. That being said, I only order small amounts from these internet companies just incase they get siezed or I get ripped off. I would say they are selective scammers for sure, but they have cheap prices so I thinks thats why so many people still try to use them.

Ditto Malchir. There again won’t say name but they are better.

been looking and thinking of ordering from them- now not sure after these posts… crap. Back to square 1 I guess.