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Al Sharpton to Host TV Show


Just what I think America needs , an left wing WHACK JOB to combat all the right wing WHACK JOBS



There aren't already lots of left wing whack jobs on the air?


It never ceases to amaze me that people keep cutting this greasy testicle, a check.


The real question at hand is, can MSNBC become more of a joke than it already is?


I'd trade that left winger for John Stewart any day. Stewart lulls people with humor while coloring virtually everything that he says politically with a broad left approach. And he's likable enough so that his young audience eats it up.

Bring Sharpton on no one really likes him. How long do you think his show will last, 6 months?


Don't know ? Not sure I really care


No I don't see any one calling any of the Republican candidates any thing illegal, any thing absurd . Nazi , Gay, Muslim, Kenyan .

All I hear from the left is reference to the Jesus influence in the Republican party. I think it is undeniable


Believe it or not I agree with you , but I am thinking the entertainment moguls are seeing if a left wing whack job will resonate like the right wing whack jobs have , like Beck, Limpdick, Palin , and the like


Al Sharpton, the leader of the only twp anti-semitic pogroms in the USA:

Crown Heights --- which resulted in at least 2 deaths (including one Italian guy who "looked" Jewish), hundreds injured, and millions of dollars of property damage.

Freddy's Fasion Mart -- 8 killed

I've never understood why he wasn't imprisoned for incitement to violence.


Don't listen to the news much do you. Tea-bagger, racist, terrorist, slut, hoping for republicans to die, nope, never happens.


Tea bagger, what would you call some one in the Tea party, Racist, oh I do not think it much of a stretch to think there are a lot of White Americans angry that there is a Black Man in the White House, The slut , not heard that one before unless you were talking about what some one said about Nancy Pelosi .


Well, there is left wing and then there is uncle Al...


It was Ed Schultz who called Ingraham a "right wing slut"


I can keep going, it gives me a thrill up my leg.

And calling someone racist for disagreeing with a black person is idiotic.


until today , I had never heard of Laura Ingram or Ed Schultz , but thanks for the info


Not all people that don't like Obama are racists , but I would bet a lot are


LOL. So that means that you can call people who disagree with him racist?

I'm willing to bet a lot of liberals vote like they do because they get handouts. So, Pit, you are nothing but a selfish lazy leach.


wow that is a leap , I have not received as much as unemployment since 1985, Thanks Ronny :slightly_smiling:
I would agree that it is wrong to call some one that disagrees with you a racist, just as I would say it is wrong to infer your superiority because some one does not agree with you


It was meant to be a ridiculous leap.


I just wish a Tea Party guy would have said what Maxine Waters said, "..the Tea Party can go to hell."

I bet Al Sharpton would have been there in a heartbeat.


You didn't hear that Herman Cain is being paid to run for office?