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Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize


..strange that nobody picked-up on it, but he and his organisation won the Nobel peace prize on Friday:


I wondered when somebody was going to post this.

I have no faith in the Nobel Peace Prize. Especially after this.

Similarly I have no faith in the Oscars.

Are we awarding prizes based on actual merit, or because we like their politics?

On the same subject, check out these articles:


Oh, no. A conservative source. But here is the article that prompted that article:


The favorite line:

"And how much is absorbed by carbon dioxide? Eight hundredths of one percent. One one-thousandth as important as water vapor. You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide."


LOL...I'm amazed at how much people are buying into this bullshit. Don't get me wrong, it's great that Al Gore's powerpoint presentation made everyone more aware of their "carbon footprint" and to educate people at being more eco-friendly. But seriously..if you take a look at the scientific data, he makes outrageous claims about the sea levels, temperature changes etc.

People have actually refuted many of his claims. I'm just curious why he refused to sit down and talk about his points with scientists with opposing viewpoints. I find it a bit hypocritical that he's preaching about all this global warming yet he flies on private jets and has an electric bill of close to 3G's a month. Kind of like John Edwards trying to "associate and understand" poor people while he gets $400 haircuts.


I am happy for Al Gore. Didn't know that a Nobel, any Nobel, was awarded on a work of fiction.


T-Men know that Gore's Crock-umentary has at least 7 known factual errors and requires disclaimers in other countries before viewing.

We also know that Rush Limbaugh should have won it.


Gore had 7 'F' grades at Divinity School. He's a fucking idiot. Besides, he's a politician, which pretty much excludes him from speaking truthfully (unless its in his own interest, of course).


Setting aside the debate on global warming, what does Al Gore's campaign to raise awareness on the issue have to do with "peace"?


A travesty.


The Nobel for works of fiction was awarded to Doris Lessing.


My thoughts exactly.


Two words:

Yasser Arafat

If that doesn't kill the meaning of "peace" nothing does.


This is exactly why him winning it pissed me off...


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The issuers forgot he was apart of an administration that was responsible for thousands of deaths thanks to trade embargoes -- and all the bombings of a Iraq during Operation Northern/Southern Watch.


Uh, no. There are no deaths during a Democrat presidency. All deaths are simply added to the next Republican presidency.


This guy has more than his fair share to worry about. He won't be winning any prizes anytime soon.


I'm confused about that as well, but since Arafat the prize hasn't really had much to do with "peace" I guess.


Weak sauce.


The goal is global taxation.


It is scary that I agree with you but that is exactly what they are trying to do. Redistribution of wealth on an international scale. It is no wonder the UN has thrown so much into it.